High precision welded double-edged PCD tool sharpening technology

With the widespread use of PCD, CBN and other superhard material tools in the automotive, motorcycle, air conditioning compressor, wood processing industries, the market demand for such tools is increasing. At present, about 20 companies in China have been engaged in the development, process

Zhuzhou Diamond won the outstanding supplier of FAW Volkswagen Group

In March 2008, Zhuzhou Diamond won the “2007 Outstanding Supplier” award from FAW-Volkswagen Group Co., Ltd. Zhuzhou Diamond is the only tool manufacturer in China to receive this honor. The award fully demonstrates the user's full affirmation of Zhuzhou diamond products and

Pollution-free pear fertilization technology

1 base fertilizer: the autumn fruit is applied after harvesting, mainly organic fertilizer, such as compost, manure, circle fertilizer, manure and green manure, straw, weeds, etc., adding a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer. The amount of Shiji fertilizer generally accounts for 70% of th

Sandvik Coromant: The wisdom of wisdom and wisdom

On October 9, 2008, the 9th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMES 2008 Beijing International Machine Tool Show) was held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing and the New China International Exhibition Center. The exhibition has an exhibition area of ​â

Pesticide disabled on flowers and fruit trees

Due to the different types of flowers, the differences in growth and development stages often cause some common flowers to cause phytotoxicity when using pesticides. Lighter leaves appear, and heavy ones cause plant death, causing great losses. Therefore, for ornamental plants that are sen