Detailed TSI engine without stratified injection function (Fig.)

In the face of Toyota, Honda, VVT-i, i-VTEC engine with variable valve timing engine technology, Volkswagen's domestically produced 8-valve engine designed more than 10 years ago, 16-valve engine in terms of power parameters and fuel consumption It has long been a failure, and the performan

Development of hybrid CNC machine tools (2)

2 Research and development status
Shortly after the introduction of the first parallel machine tool in the United States in 1994, people began to study hybrid machine tools. The study of hybrid machine tools abroad is not intended to expand the working space, but from

Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools in the New Century (2)

In order to develop sustainable products, it is necessary to change the traditional understanding of the product life cycle. The life cycle of a product is generally divided into three stages of manufacturing, use, and recycling. Only the manufacturing stage is a stage of generating added v

Overall PCBN blade characteristics and their milling applications (4)

3 CBN300 milling processing example

The CBN300 works best when milling gray cast iron, with a tool life four times that of a typical PCBN insert. For plants that are using ceramic inserts, the CBN300 can increase tool life by 50 times and cut line speeds of up to 2

Renishaw NC4 escorts parts processing

The working state of the tool is essential for the production of high quality products. How to monitor the tool status and find broken tools in time, the Renishaw NC4 non-contact tool damage detection system provides a convenient solution.

In its engine production, Ducati creatively used th

Progress and future of high-speed cutting tool materials (8)

Coated tool materials have great potential in high-speed cutting, continuing to research new coating technologies and coating materials to improve performance and expand use. But the main development of powder coating, that is, a new generation of coated tools coated with high-performance w

Research progress of tool coating materials (3)

3 multi-component coating

Due to the hardness of the substrate and the coating, the modulus of elasticity and the coefficient of thermal expansion of the single-coated tool are far apart, and the lattice type is also different, resulting in an increase in residual s

CHE vector frequency converter is applied on CNC engraving machine

1 Introduction

The main drive system of CNC engraving machine tools mostly uses stepless speed change. At present, the continuously variable transmission system mainly has two types of variable frequency spindle system and servo spindle system, and generally adopts a DC or AC spindle

Aluminum alloy wheel extrusion casting process introduction (2)

2.2 Main parameters of mold design

(1) The gap between the clearance punch and the left and right die should be appropriate. If it is too small, it will collide or bite due to the assembly error of the punch and the die; if it is too large, the alloy melt will be ejected through the

Simple processing of large and complex molds

In large mold processing, in order to obtain the highest possible surface quality, we need to select the right machine tool and configure the necessary tools. Only in this way can we reduce the EDM's subsequent processing time and the manual grinding time of the fitter.

With the