Research on turning technology of large aspect ratio micro-axis (2)

By analyzing the data, the artificial synthetic single crystal diamond was used as the tool material. Through the series of tests as shown in Table 1, the ideal diamond tool parameters are obtained as shown in Table 2. The test conditions are as follows, cutting parameters: n=2500r/min, f=0

Simple processing of large and complex molds (3)

8. High pressure coolant

High pressure coolant plays a very important role in large mold processing. For example, when drilling a slant hole with a 2+3 axis machining method, a coolant of 1000 psi (1 psi = 6890 Pa) is required to effectively remove chips and achieve higher precision

Application of arc spraying process in mold manufacturing

First, the principle of arc spraying

Arc spraying uses two continuously fed metals as consumable electrodes, generates an arc as a heat source at its ends, atomizes the melted wire with compressed air, and sprays it onto the surface of the workpiece at a high speed

The development trend of the six major sub-sectors of machinery in 2008

Electrical and electrical industry: This industry is the main manufacturing industry of China's power equipment and equipment. In recent years, it has provided extraordinary power equipment for China's power supply and demand conflicts. According to the requirements of the "Elevent

Brief introduction of special ceramic tool materials (2)

4. Alumina-carbide cermet cutter: It is made of Al2O3-TiC ceramic material, which uses MO, Ni (or CO, W) and other metals as the ceramic tool material which is hot pressed by the binder phase. Due to the skeleton of the metal-bonded Al2O3 grains and the carbide grains interpenetrating each