Development status and prospects of die casting technology (2)

2. 2 new spraying technology

The spraying of the release agent has a great relationship with the quality of the die casting. If the release agent is non-atomized or non-uniformly dispersed when ejected from the spraying device, the condensed liquid requires a longer time of vaporiz

China's automobile foundry industry at the turn of the century

First, the main user of castings - the automotive industry

The car has been in existence for a hundred years, and now there are 760 million cars in service worldwide, and the increase in global car ownership has not decreased. In the 21st century, Asia's demand

Complex section aluminum extrusion die vacuum quenching

Abstract : After the vacuum quenching and electric machining of the complex section aluminum extrusion die, the die life of the quenched surface layer is doubled after re-tempering.

First, the problem

The company is a professional co

Application of fiber laser in welding industry

With the recent development of high-brightness lasers, opportunities for laser material processing applications are increasing in many new fields. Let's take the example of a very mature gem-rod solid-state laser. The two completely different development directions are worthy of attenti

Steel structure welding engineering (2)

1.2.1 T-joints, cross-joints, corner joints, etc., which require penetration and angle butt joint welds, shall have a weld foot size not less than t/4 (Fig. 1.2.1a, b, c); The welding feet of the webs of the crane beam or the like and the upper flange of the crane girder are required to be

Measurement of angles on the same working surface

The running turbine installation angle gauge shown in Figure 1 is a special measuring tool used by our factory to detect the installation angle of the turbine blade (Fig. 2). There are measurement problems in the manufacturing of gauges that are not in the same plane. It is very easy to use a

Think about the answer

1. Answer: The cutting fluid takes away the heat generated in the cutting, which reduces the temperature of the tool (mainly the blade), which is beneficial to maintain the hardness of the blade and improve the durability of the tool. At the same time, the workpiece temperature is lowered and

Drawing of speed map based on AutoLISP

While designing the transmission system, the transmission system diagram intuitively expresses the composition of the transmission system, but there are many key things that are not clearly described, and it is cumbersome to draw, so the concept of the speed diagram is introduced. The speed ma

Measures to improve the rigidity of internal grinding tools

The stiffness of the spindle system refers to the ability of the shaft to resist positional changes at the working end (the midpoint of the width of the grinding wheel) under external loads (grinding force and belt tension, etc.). It is one of the important properties of the spindle components