Trampoline rocker drilling machine with milling cutter

We know that the standard milling cutter cannot be directly loaded into the spindle of the boring machine and the radial drilling machine, because the milling cutter is tightened by the internal thread of the shank by the tie rod, so that the Mohs cone surface of the milling cutter is tightly

Application of Envelope Method in Diagnosis of Rolling Bearings

Rotating machinery is one of the most extensive types of mechanical equipment in engineering applications and the most trouble-prone equipment. Bearings are one of the most basic components in rotating machinery and are the main source of failure. In order to ensure the safety of the equipment

Aerospace CNC System Series Lecture

Beijing Aerospace CNC System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aerospace CNC) is affiliated to Aerospace Changfeng Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600855). It is the R&D center and industrialization base of the national fixed-point machine tool numerical control system, and the high-tech industr

Chinese art industry Chinese brand China "hands and feet" China "Kung Fu"

CNC machine tools represent the level of research and development of a country's modern machinery, and even economic strength. In recent years, China's CNC machine tools have achieved rapid development. In order to meet the demand of CNC machine tools in the domestic market, the machine

Bearing lubrication status detection

How to not break out the bearing and not stop the bearing running. The detection of the lubrication state of the bearing is an increasingly prominent problem encountered during the inspection and inspection. The following describes the multimeter detection method, which can eliminate the error

Retrofit of 20m planer

The B2063 planer is the first super heavy-duty machine designed and manufactured by China. The machine tool weighs 700t, and the maximum size of the workpiece can be 6.3m wide, 3m high, 20m long and 200t maximum load. The machine has 2 vertical planer holders, 1 left and right tool holders, ve

Influence of manufacturing process of elbow on performance of X70 steel elbow

In this paper, the influence of the manufacturing process of the elbow on the performance of the X70 steel elbow is systematically studied. By using different heat treatment processes for the bent pipe material, combined with the trial production test results, a suitable bending process is obta

CNC machine tool repair and transformation series lecture

In the previous lecture, we will introduce the basic knowledge of CNC machine tool repair and transformation, and introduce the maintenance experience of SINUMERIK 810T/M, 880GA, 802S/C system. In order to better understand the SINOMERIK CNC system, in the last two lectures we will introduce t

Basic block injection mold design for screen

Figure 1 shows the parts of a high-precision product of our company - the basic block, the material is modified polyphenylene ether. The part has the following structural features due to its important role in the product: complex shape, thin wall thickness of 2.75 Mm, especially for the four s

Fast parting method based on Qsplit technology

Qsplit (Quick Split) is a rapid segmentation tool based on curved objects that Cimatron has developed for the mold design and manufacturing industry. The rapid parting tool automatically analyzes the parting direction of the product's 3D surface model and automatically decomposes the entir

Industry News

"Mechanical Workers" was invited to participate in the Sandvik Coromant 2003 Media Exchange Conference and sincerely serve the Chinese machinery manufacturing industry. Promoting the development of China's machinery manufacturing technology is the media responsibility of the &quo

Vibration drilling of small deep holes for difficult-to-machine materials

With the development of science and technology, the application of high-parameter materials such as stainless steel, high-strength steel, high-temperature alloy, high-melting-point metal and its alloys, spray coating materials and non-metals has become increasingly widespread. Processing such