Large flying knife

When finishing a large surface but do not want to leave a flying knife mark, you can use a large flying knife as shown in the figure, the diameter can be adjusted from 250mm to 400mm, and can be made into similar tools of various sizes. . An important feature of the design structure is the dis

Re-grinding of cubic boron nitride tools

At present, the annual consumption of cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools in the world is about 5 billion yen. In China, CBN tools are gradually being used by factories for the cutting of difficult-to-machine materials such as high hardness and high strength. It is the re-grinding problem of CBN t

Simple and practical hole machining composite tool design

As we all know, the hole machining composite tool has the advantages of high production efficiency, high machining precision and low processing cost, and is widely used in combination machine tools and automatic lines. However, due to the difficulty in designing and manufacturing composite too

Protective shaft center hole puller

When assembling or repairing the motor, the common pointed screw is used to abut the center hole of the rotating shaft, and the workpiece is removed by hooking the workpiece. Thus, the center hole of the workpiece shaft that has been pulled out has been broken. Later, we replaced the tip end o

Selection of motion control systems and motion control circles

As the core technology of mechatronics system, motion controller has experienced more than 20 years of development and is gradually replacing the traditional closed control system, which is adopted by the majority of mechatronics system design engineers. At the same time, the servo drive devic

Aluminum alloy hole processing

Our factory produces a small oil pump body (Fig. 1) with a hole diameter of φ9_0~(+0.02)mm, surface roughness R_40.4, roundness of 0.01, material ZL 107A. Due to the small aperture requirement, it is difficult to meet the drawing requirements. . First, the past processing method (1) φ9

Plywood ring forming device

The 3Z-4.2 rotary mower produced by our factory has a splint ring part (Fig. 1), which is made of Q235A flat steel 3mm×25mm. The traditional process is to fix the forming mold on the coiling machine and use the mold to round the blank. At the welding interface, the plywood ring is removed

Bow sawing machine fixture

Due to its low work efficiency, high raw material loss and high production cost, the bow saw has been eliminated as a mass-produced blanking equipment, but we have re-revamped this inefficient equipment by improving its fixture structure. The vitality, recovered its survival value, that is, de

Simple calculation of the final feed amount of gear machining

The cylindrical gears are commonly used to measure the common tooth line to control the tooth thickness of the gear. Therefore, in the hobbing process, the common or normal feed can be measured to obtain the second or final feed amount, that is, the gear after the first feed. And the gear cutt

End mill for machining glued holes

We use a self-made two-sided edge milling cutter to machine the (?) 15.7mm anchoring hole on the front axle bracket of the car. The bracket (workpiece) is a casting with a complicated shape (see Fig. 1), in which four bolt holes are located at the four corners of the bracket, and the middle of