Assembly technology of machining center combined fixture

It is applied to the combined fixtures on modern machine tools such as flexible machining centers. The specific assembly techniques and methods are consistent with the assembly methods of traditional combination fixtures, and some assembly techniques of “fixed assembly method” are

CNC lathe hydraulic chuck soft claw fixture

With the rapid development of modern manufacturing technology, the application of numerical control technology is more and more common. CNC lathe has become an important production equipment of various machinery manufacturers, playing an irreplaceable role in production. CNC lathes generally u

Design and application of several inflatable shafts

In mechanical products, many shaft bushings tend to have shorter lengths, smaller inner bores, and higher coaxiality and tolerance requirements for inner and outer circles. After the inner hole is finished in the inner hole, the outer circle is clamped by a common mandrel, and it is often diff

Large front angle cast iron turning tool

Based on more than 20 years of work practice, the author has exchanged, improved, tested, summarized, designed and manufactured the large front angle cast iron turning tool shown in Figure 1, which has achieved good results in practical applications. Even when it is cut on a less rigid lathe,

Computer processing gear measurement data

In the gear measurement, the parameters such as the cumulative error of the joint, the variation of the length of the common normal line and the deviation of the average length of the common line are very important. At present, the actual measurement of these parameters by the factory is also

Ultrasonic cleaning process

Machines or components are generally scrubbed or cleaned prior to assembly, especially for parts with high precision requirements such as bearings, precision parts (such as plunger and sleeve parts in diesel oil injection pumps), optical parts, precision transmission Parts, etc., if not cleane

Accurate indexing of planer bevel gears

Our factory encountered a large “concave tooth” straight-toothed bevel gear in production. The relevant parameters are as follows: large end face modulus m_(?)=8, number of teeth z=66, pressure angle x=20°, tooth The top circle diameter d_a=φ532.21_(0.45)~0mm, the index cone

Method for angle measurement without using a protractor

We often need to measure the angle during the stakeout process. Usually we usually measure with a protractor or an angle ruler, but the loft is usually carried out on the ground. The use of the protractor and the angle ruler is inconvenient, and the measurement is not accurate because the cott

Manual shovel with waste honing wood mold

The scraped trowel is ground into a wooden mold manual shovel, and the effect is obvious. Use a file with a thicker edge and a thicker blade (the file is too fine, the hardness is too high, it is easy to be brittle during grinding and use), the size of the old file is 200mm × 35mm × (5

Processing of non-full-shaped spline holes

Among the parts produced by our factory, there is a part as shown in Figure 1. If the special broach is the same as the non-full-shaped spline shape on the part, it not only complicates the design of the broach and the broach chuck, but also does not distribute the cutting area on the same bla

Deep hole polishing

Our workshop recently processed a batch of rubber stampers with a hole diameter of 40 to 70 mm and a hole depth of 400 to 500 mm. After machining on a lathe, the surface roughness of the aperture does not meet the requirements. Manual polishing on the lathe, first, the rotation speed can not b