Fruit trees should not spray pesticides

Experts said that fruit trees should not spray pesticides. Now there are some fruit farmers who spray the medicine to the fruit trees, resulting in serious losses. The lessons learned by some fruit farmers blindly spraying pest

Technical analysis of fixture making

The production of fixtures is a comprehensive science. It requires us to clarify the design tasks, analyze the part drawings, master the machining process specifications of the workpiece, understand the role, shape, structural characteristics, materials and technical requirements of the wor

New Daxin Materials: Significant progress in project R&D

On October 29, Xinda New Materials rose 5.07% to close at 56.32 yuan. We believe that the main reason for the increase is the significant progress made in the development of its high-performance silicon carbide ceramic seal components project, and is also affected by the good performance of

How to use fungicides efficiently

Any agent that kills or inhibits the growth of a pathogen, but does not hinder the normal growth of the plant, is collectively referred to as a bactericide. How to use fungicides efficiently in production is of great significance for increasing crop yield. Let's talk about the key tech

Introduction to the "High Force" lock product testing equipment

Zhongshan Gaoli Lock Co., Ltd. is an export enterprise specializing in the development and production of high quality mortise locks in Xiaolan Town. Its products have occupied a place in the high-end market in Eastern Europe. The company has developed a unique lock detec

China's machine tool manufacturing global support is becoming a reality

Affected by the international financial crisis, in 2009, the major economic indicators of Yunnan machinery industry once showed a rare decline in recent years. At the beginning of 2010, under the guidance of the Yunnan Provincial Government's policy of actively promoting the three sector