What kind of ballasts are there?

Ballasts can be roughly divided into two types. One is an inductor and the other is an electronic rectifier. What are the advantages and differences between the two ballasts?
Electronic ballasts can provide a greater degree of light efficiency, so as to achieve the effect of energy savi

Imitation wood laminate flooring selection has a lot of stress

Imitation of solid wood laminate flooring technology has gradually matured, so that many consumers seeking green home improvement materials are delighted, this feature is similar to solid wood flooring, but more affordable products are increasingly favored by consumers. Consumers must look

Winter to buy warm floor note the top ten consumer mislead

"The thicker the floor, the better the foot feels. Is it more insulated?" "Is the aluminum foam pad used for heating?"... I used the cloud of mystery to get out of the error zone so that consumers could clearly buy and use floor heating. The group of experts of the asso

Pipeline sewage pump mechanical seal installation method

First, the pipe sewage pump parts to ensure quality pipe sewage pump mechanical seal to be done before the seal performance test, and a certificate. Long-term operation of the mechanical seal, ring and static ring wear, spring and shaft corrosion wear, sealing rubber ring wear, aging, deformati

Pump installation and precautions

Pump installation and precautions: 1. According to the basic size of the concrete foundation, at the same time to bury the anchor bolts. 2. Pump and motor should be checked before installation, all parts should be intact, the pump should be no debris. 3. The unit on the basis of the base plate

Upstream fatigue coke ** low fluctuations

Business club March 12th, coke ** on the 9th morning to 2,054 yuan / ton flat open, early shocks higher, pulled up slightly in the afternoon, the highest intraday 2,070 yuan / ton, the lowest 2,053 yuan / ton, With a closing price of 2,066 yuan/ton, the settle

Bathroom hardware pursuit of temperament

More and more attention to temperament problems in the bathroom, temperament bathroom decoration is very important, and now people pay more and more attention to the decoration of the bathroom, this is because of the continuous improvement of living standards,