Varistor parameters and installation tips

To understand the installation technique of varistor, first of all, we must understand the type of varistor and the structural characteristics of varistor and the role of varistor.


1, the types of varistor can generally be divided into three

Jade filter can be divided into several types

The main function of the hydraulic oil filter is to filter out the impurities in the hydraulic oil. The common types of filter elements are hydraulic oil filter, Hedeck filter, Pall filter, dust filter and so on. Let us understand the working principle of a jade hydraul

Various stainless steel round steel types, characteristics list

Austenitic stainless steel and iron body stainless steel can be distinguished by magnetic test. Austenitic stainless steel has high corrosion resistance, good cold workability and toughness, plasticity, weldability, and is non-magnetic steel, but after large pressure co

Introduction to Swing Check Valve Knowledge

The swing-type check valve adopts the built-in rocker arm swinging structure, and all the opening and closing parts of the valve are installed inside the valve body, and do not penetrate the valve body except the sealing g

Stainless steel pipe outer diameter size and wall thickness table

Application of 304 stainless steel pipe in petrochemical field

Application of 304 stainless steel pipe in petrochemical field The use of stainless steel in the petrochemical field mainly includes: stainless steel plate for storage tank and heat exchanger casing; stainless steel composite plate for reactor and tower casing; used for fur

Where can I learn air conditioning repair and maintenance technology?

Air-conditioning maintenance is a professional technology, the market practitioners are wrong, if you want to engage in air-conditioning maintenance, where do you need to learn professional technology? There are many peers in the country. One method is to learn by tradi