0.005 stainless steel foil price

South Korea's Pohang Steel said on Tuesday that the improvement in demand and the reduction in supply will support the increase in Korean stainless steel sales in August.
They believe that Korean stainless steel consumers will have some replenishment behavior af

The use of industrial washing machines requires strict "five passes"

Industrial washing machines should be regarded as the most used laundry equipment in the family. However, a large number of netizens “will not use washing machines. Everyone in the subconscious will definitely feel that they use things every day. How can they not be u

PV abandoned the US to find an alternative market

Abstract One news once again caused the Chinese PV industry to fall into the cold winter on this hot summer day. On May 18, the US Department of Commerce initially ruled that China's solar panel and cell manufacturers have dumped

Inconel718 high temperature alloy round steel heat treatment process

Inconel 718 superalloy round steel heat treatment process

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