Infrared camera use and installation precautions

Today, the security awareness of consumers from all walks of life has increased, and China's security industry has ushered in a new development. For security monitoring, just the daytime real-time monitoring can no longer meet people's needs, and all-weather seamless security monitorin

Analysis of production process of Dongguan rubber roller

Established in 2001, Dongguan Haichang Hardware & Rubber Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various industrial rubber rollers and printing machinery rubber rollers. Over the years, relying on strong technical force, advanced mechanical equipment, scientific man

Three kinds of fertilizers cannot be mixed

Farmyard manure cannot be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as grass ash, lime nitrogen, lime, calcium magnesium phosphate. Because the main component of human and animal excrement is nitrogen, if mixed with strong alkaline fertilizer, it will neutralize and fail.


Analyze the correct storage method of idle rubber rollers

The rubber roller produced by our company has excellent formula, superior materials and advanced technology. The product includes: ink roller, water roller, alcohol water roller, ink roller, polishing roller, oil roller, paper roller, laminating roller, film blowing roller,

Analysis of Domestic Low Voltage Power Equipment Investment

The power equipment sector has benefited from the rapid growth of grid investment, especially UHV investment, from January to July, and has consistently outperformed the broader market. In the absence of any change in the target for the whole year, the slowdown in investment g

Scientific fertilization of rice

Fertilization plays a pivotal role in the growth of crops. Rice fertilization should vary according to variety, region, fertilization level, soil characteristics, yield level, etc. For example, if the same amount of rice is produced, the stalk rice is more than the japonica rice, the late r

Influencing factors when using labor protection products

After making the decision to use personal protective equipment and selecting the type of care product, the following factors need to be considered for proper use. For a well-considered labor protection product use plan, these factors constitute a basic check, with the

How is the absorption chiller absorbed?

The thermal cycle of an absorption chiller is driven by a heat source, steam, hot water or cold water. Compared to electric chillers, absorption chillers have very low power requirements with a combined fuel consumption of less than 15 kW for solution pumps and refrigerant