Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of straw power generation

With the development of the world economy, the demand for energy in countries around the world is getting stronger and stronger. Traditional energy, represented by coal, oil and natural gas, is being chased by countries all over the world;

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Fire safety knowledge

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What is the knowledge of fire safety? The “ Knowledge of Fire Safety” is base

Half a century, 50 years of glory

Abstract [China Superhard Materials Network News] Guide: The report is divided into three parts. With 24 statistical data charts, we summarize the brilliant achievements of the superhard materials industry in the past 50 years since

Reinforced block technical parameters and usage analysis

The technical parameters of the steel block and the use of the analytical steel block, also known as the steel protective layer block, are made of a special steel block machine. See the figure below for the specific drawings.
Reinforcing block

Innovation and style of modern bathrooms

This is a new solution from Cesana, a building integrated into the bathroom, using two materials; the person in charge and stainless steel create an eye-catching contemporary shower space. The steel tray,