Instructions for use of paraquat medicinal agents

Paraquat is a fast-killing herbicide with a contact and a certain systemic action. It can be quickly absorbed by plant green tissue, causing it to die. No effect on non-green organizations. It is rapidly inactivated in the soil by binding to the soil and is ineffective against plant roots

Analysis of Integration Trend of Power Management Market

Consumers, network communications, and computers have been the main application areas of the power management chip market. The three major areas have occupied nearly 80% of the market share of the Chinese power management chip market. The development trend of power management chip product

What are the by-products in the production of PX and PTA?

In 2007, the Xiamen PX incident was once raging, and the Taihu Lake cyanobacteria incident, which happened almost simultaneously with it, was called the two major environmental events at the turn of the spring and summer of 2007, whic

Temperature sensor selection

1. Exhaust temperature sensor:

The exhaust temperature sensor is used to measure the exhaust temperature at the top of the compressor. The constant B value is 3950K±3%, and the reference resistance is 90°C corresponding to the resistance of 5KΩ±3%.

Teach you 3 ways to cure yam erythema

Yam erythema is a disease caused by nematodes. Seriously affecting the quality and yield of yam, timely pesticide control is the key.
Erythema disease usually occurs during growth, affecting tuber development, small tubers and light weight.

Bathroom hardware buying skills

Bathroom hardware buying skills Everyone in the renovation is very easy to overlook the details of the hardware, the bathroom is already a relatively humid place, the quality of the hardwar