First aid treatment and procedures for burns--Development of ASHI

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If the patient is on fire, tell the patient to stop, lie down, roll, turn off the power, alert and perform ABC

The schedule of the 6th Zhengzhou International Superhard Seminar

The 6th Zhengzhou International Superhard Materials and Products Symposium hosted by the China Machine Tool Industry Association Superhard Materials Branch (hereinafter referred to as “Super Association”) and a number of units jointly sponsored by Chaoxie and Zhengzhou Abrasives Gri

80% of papayas are genetically modified

Experts say that over 80% of papayas can't be eaten without genetic modification

Scientists must do their part in science. Once again, we must also take the time to honestly answer questions from reporters and outsiders. We are happy to see that the public loves science and pu

Nutrition experts: Genetically modified rice is as safe as pigs

Original title: The rice gene can not be transferred to a kind of safe nutrition

Beijing Evening News (Reporter Zhang Hang) Recently, 61 academicians requested the industrialization of genetically modified rice. The issue of the safety of genetically modified foods has once again

How to choose an industrial chiller?

Consider important indicators in finding industrial chillers including full life cycle costs, power supply, host IP rating, chiller cooling capacity, evaporator capacity, evaporator evaporator, condenser material, material, capacitor capacity, ambient temperature, Fan motor

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Can children wear professional gas masks?

One of the most critical aspects of wearing a gas mask is the size of the mask. To really play the role of a gas mask, the size of the mask should be exactly the same as the size of the user's face. It played a role in protection. Under normal circumstances, the ma

How to maintain the hot water pressure washer purchased

The hot-water high-pressure cleaner has the features of water saving and high cleaning efficiency, and can quickly remove oil stains and other difficult-to-remove stains. When using a hot-water high-pressure cleaner, maintenance must be done.
First: It is best to use a clean source of wate

Vietnam Shuangqing to the door, Vietnam land to the door

Dongguan/.Guangzhou, Shenzhen to Myanmar, Yangon, Vietnam, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh (the most favorable) lowest logistics company, a large number of peers. Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Dongguan-Vietnam (3 days to 5 days working day tax package to door) Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Dongguan-Myanmar (