Automatic adjustment arm overshoot failure analysis

As an important part of heavy-duty vehicle brake system, the automatic adjustment arm has been widely used in developed industrial areas in Europe and America, and is widely used as a standard part in the market. In recent years, with the improvement of the domestic highway conditions, the vehi

The reason why the network camera market is not popular

China's current security products are continuously advancing, but there has been a problem that network cameras have not yet been popularized. This is also related to China's domestic situation. So what is the cause of this problem? The following details are given to everyone. introduc

Expert: Pigs try to eat genetically modified rice for 90 days

A few days ago, 61 academicians requested the industrialization of genetically modified rice to raise concerns about the safety of genetically modified foods. The reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture that the Minist

Research on Precision Forging Technology of Yuchai K6000 Crankshaft

Yuchai K6000 crankshaft is the key bearing component of heavy-duty engine (see Figure 1). Its size is large, the shape is complex, the balance block has a large aspect ratio, it is not easy to be filled, and the forging surface is formed by partial molding. The crankshaft material is 48MnV

The market price of reduced iron powder in some parts of China remained stable

The spot market of the reduced iron powder in Shandong Province last week (14-18) was stable overall, the spot price did not fluctuate, and the transaction performance was acceptable. Major producers in Zibo said that the current spot inventory pressure is relatively small; the main production

Why must wear dust masks?

Why must we wear dust masks in industrial production? Let's first understand what is the production of dust.

What is productive dust? In general, solid particles that are produced during the production process and can float in the production environment for

Fall home fire prevention tips

In the autumn, the sky is dry, and household appliances are used frequently and for a long period of time. Fire hazards are increasing, and carelessness can easily occur. The fire department recommends that everyone guard against fires and pay more attention to the fol