Electric wire tube

Wire specifications

The wires used in home improvement are generally single-stranded copper wires. The cross-sectional area mainly includes three sizes, 4.0 mm2, 2.5 mm2, and 1.5 mm2. There are also 6.0mm2 specifications, mai

Warning lamp model selection and how to install

Warning lights are generally used to maintain road safety. They are usually used in the development of police vehicles, emergency vehicles for fire trucks, ambulances, emergency vehicles, and mechanical equipment. Under normal circumstances, the warning light is a product that

Talking about dust explosion

A dust explosion is an explosion that occurs when flammable solid particles suspended in the air come into contact with an ignition source such as an open flame. Once a dust explosion occurs, it often cau

Fasteners as the largest fastener production base in Zhejiang

Fasteners are a pillar industry in Zhenhai. As the largest fastener production base in Zhejiang, Ningbo Zhenhai has been certified as the only regional brand in the province by the Zhejiang Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee. Statistics show that the total output of fasteners in th

Analysis on New Steel-plastic Composite Pipe Welding Technology

Steel-plastic composite pipe refers to the metal pipe anti-corrosion lining lined with plastic anti-corrosion lining. The lining of metal anti-corrosion pipe has various forms such as cement mortar, resin and plastic, and its manufacturing process is mature. However, t

Nine major considerations for bathroom decoration

Home improvement industry insiders pointed out that the details involved in the decoration of the bathroom in the home decoration are quite a lot. If not handled well, it will not only directly affect the quality of home life in the future, but also affect the mood. Pa

Chicken feed for salt

Chlorine and sodium are present in chicken body fluids, soft tissues and eggs. They maintain the acid-base balance of the chicken body and maintain the balance of osmotic pressure between cells and blood. In addition, they form a raw material for gastric juice and stomach acid, which can pr

What are the applications of XBD fire pump?

Unconsciously, high-rise buildings have spread all over the country, even hotel hotels are everywhere, especially for this year's new rural planning, it can be said that has brought a drastic change to our country, the emergence of these changes, we want for all people Responsible for safe