Nature Brown Mattress Brand Story

Nature mattress is a whole plant fiber series mattress developed and produced by Guizhou Nature Technology Co., Ltd. In 1990, the first natural brown fiber mattress was off the assembly line for 20 years, and it enjoys many patents and property rights in the plant fiber ma

Versailles Rose tells you the characteristics of French style furniture

Versailles rose furniture, adhering to the essence of the French court home, whether it is advocating rationality, emphasizing norms, pursuing perfection and solemn classicism, or emphasizing rhythm dynamic, luxurious and magnificent, baroque style, or light shape, delicat

The latest trend of decoration: the ottoman turned into a coffee table

Visually, it's easy to put the sofas together, but the hard part is how to combine two coffee tables in one area, and the space doesn't look too crowded. A soft, skin-friendly, backless short leg chair, placed right in front of the sofa, can be a clever solution to

"Bright book room strong storage three small bookcase recommended"

Reading has become more and more a part of people's life, and the environment for reading has become more and more people's attention. From the decoration style of the study to the selection of a bookcase, it takes a lot of effort. I like to have a book but there i

Blanca teaches you how to maintain the fabric sofa

Speaking of the sofa, many people will think of "difficult to wait", and think that it is not easy to maintain, and it is impossible to clean up. In fact, as long as you master some effective small methods, the sofa can always maintain a bright posture. This is t

How to choose the right tile adhesive

With the rapid development of the decoration industry, high-quality construction techniques and new building materials continue to emerge, gradually replacing the well-known original materials. The emergence of tile adhesives has changed the role of cement and sand that people consider irr

What are the ways to clear the toilet?

In the course of use, toilets are prone to blockages. In some cases, they are physically obstructed, and in some cases, they are functional. No matter what kind of clogging occurs, we must start with the root cause and find a solution. How to clear the toilet…

Living room ceiling molding living room ceiling decoration trend

The ceiling of the living room occupies a very important position in the decoration of the whole room. Appropriate decoration of the top of the room can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also create a rich and colorful image of the interior space. When selecting ceiling decorat

Balcony decoration balcony ceiling decoration note

In the pursuit of personality in modern life, self-expression has become a must for everyone. At the same time, the ceiling of the balcony is the same. It is no longer the only place for drying clothes. It can also make changes based on your individual needs. To increase the taste of life.