Buy the floor, don’t

The urban drama "How to Silence", which has just ended in warmth and sweetness, tells a story about not being willing to love. Xiao Bian still remembers what the warm man said, "If there was such a person in the world, then other people will become will."

How about the Earl cabinet? Three characteristics of Earl's cabinet

How about the Earl cabinet ? Xiao Bian feels that it is necessary to understand how a product can start from its three aspects of design, production, and quality, and then get all aspects of product information. Today Xiao Bian talked about the Earl's cabinet from thes

Berlin family cabinet 2016 latest Berlin family cabinet details

The Berlin family cabinet represents the top cabinet technology and the latest design standards in Europe. Since entering the Chinese market in 1997, it has been very popular among consumers. Will the 2015 Berlin family cabinet introduce new models? Let's take a look a

Giraffe wooden floor how giraffe floor customer service phone

With the development and innovation of science and technology, new products for floor decoration materials emerge in endlessly, but the floor has always been loved by people. This is not only because the floor has unparalleled wood grain and comfort, but also because it allows us to have c

Hardware lock dealer survey report

First, dealer agent behavior analysis
1. Dealer’s intention to represent domestic brands
In the selection of the regional brands, 18.0% of dealers tend to choose domestic brand agents. This part of