Automotive plasticization - do you believe it?

With the continuous innovation of technology, the concept of lightweight car has become more and more intense under the current trend of energy saving and emission reduction. In addition to carbon fiber that can effectively reduce weight, cheaper plastics are slow

Optical Fiber Transceiver Troubleshooting

Optical Transceiver Common Faults 1 Power light is off Power failure.

2Link light is off The fault may have the following conditions:

(a) Check if the optical fiber line is open circuited;

(b) Check whether the loss of the optical fiber line is too large and exceeds

Introduction of parking space marking construction knowledge

The advent of automobiles has greatly increased the speed of transportation, but more and more cars have also brought a lot of trouble to traffic, so it is necessary to formulate rules to determine how these cars should be driven or parked. In the process, you need to use one thing. This is th

Solar pump works

As the name implies, a solar pump is a pump device that relies on solar energy to work. Especially in those areas where the electricity is insufficient, their solar energy resources are very rich. The solar energy pump is a very promising water supply method. For the good of solar energy, beca