ZCQ self-priming magnetic drive pump design principles

ZCQ-type self-priming magnetic drive pump is a self-priming magnetic drive pump, hydraulic follow the advantages and characteristics of the original self-priming pump, then it is used in the design of what principle? Below ZCQ type is self-priming magnetic pump design principles introduced. ZC

Yudian AIBUS Communication Protocol Description (V7.0)

AIBUS is a communication protocol developed by Xiamen Yudian Automation Technology Co., Ltd. for AI series display control instruments. It can realize powerful functions with simple instructions and provide faster rate than other common protocols (such as MODBUS) (same baud

The role of the sunshade and the purchase of common sense

Since the global warming, the annual weather changes have always been particularly obvious, and the summer time has become longer, so the sunshade has appeared in every corner of people's lives. Sunshade, as its name suggests, is a kind of curtain that can shield t

Multi-functional sound and light alarm installation considerations analysis

Sound and light alarm (also called sound and light alarm) is an alarm signal device that is used in hazardous places to send warning signals to people through sound and various lights. The explosion-proof sound and light alarm is suitable for installation in explosive gas environments containi

LGH series screw vacuum pump features

LGH series screw vacuum pump is an oil-free dry-type vacuum pump in the semiconductor, electronics industry requires oil-free clean occasions and chemical pharmaceutical solvents on the recovery process with unparalleled superiority, can be a better alternative Rotary vane vacuum pump, slide v

Agricultural submersible pump model meaning

[Asian pump network hearing] Agricultural submersible pumps for extraction of groundwater from deep wells, can also be used for rivers, reservoirs, drains and other water projects. So what is the meaning of its model? The following is the description of the meaning of agricultural submersible

Liquid ammonia pump rust tips

In the liquid ammonia pump using a long time, it is difficult to avoid some rust does not appear, then when the liquid ammonia pump rust, we should use what method to remove rust? The following will teach you Some liquid ammonia pump rust tips, as follows: Liquid ammonia pump rust tips 1, if n