Electromagnetic pickups working principle analysis

Electromagnetic pickups generally refer to moving iron electromagnetic pickups. For ease of understanding, here I wish first to introduce a moving magnet (MM) type pickup. Its working principle: When the needle vibrates along the record's sound, the magnet is also moved along with the need

The advantages of network video surveillance system

Efficient implementation of remote monitoring

If you need to achieve remote monitoring across regions, you should choose the network video surveillance system. Of course, some hard disk video recorders also have the function of network transmission. However, hard dis

Video conference troubleshooting

1. Installation client failure: The client startup error message about DirectX Solution: Check whether the DirectX version is above 8.1, you can reinstall it 2. Use the client login failure: "Sorry, the number of registered users is full Solution : Check that the server's hardware dog

How about the snow wolf tile? Snow wolf tile is good?

How about the snow wolf tile? Snow wolf tile is good? As people's living standards gradually improve, people pay more and more attention to the quality of home improvement products, and there are more and more home improvement products. There is a tile named Snow Wolf. Snow Wolf tiles may n