Functional sofa bed purchase must remember

Modern living room layout is simple and versatile, and multi-functional furniture is becoming more and more popular choice. The sofa bed is one of them. In a small family room, a sofa bed is necessary to meet the occasional visitor's needs.

Cabinets measure 10 details, do not underestimate

The kitchen is an indispensable part of the whole family. The cabinet is the most important part of the kitchen. Don't underestimate the measurement work of the cabinet. If it is not in place or the m

Do you know the common blind spots for pesticide spraying?

For a long time, farmers have been blindly or blindly obeyed about 70% of their medications. Lighter wastes pesticides and aggravates environmental pollution. In the case of severe drug resistance or phytotoxicity, production and quality are imp

Hydraulic pump working principle and type of introduction

Hydraulic pump is a hydraulic system of power components, is driven by the engine or motor, sucked from the hydraulic tank, forming a pressure oil discharge, sent to the implementation of components of a component. Hydraulic pump according to the structure is divided into gear pump, piston

Paint glass maintenance paint glass features

Paint glass is a very expressive decorative glass. The so-called paint, also known as back paint, it is through the spraying, roller coating, screen printing or shower coating. The painted glass sliding door is mainly painted on the back of the glass and baked in a 30-45 degree oven for 8-