How Much Smart Lock? Take a look at the evaluation of users

Shanghai Dooling Technology is an Internet of Things technology company focused on providing life and property security solutions for users worldwide. Its multi-ling smart lock is deeply loved by consumers. This article is a small series for everyone to explain the

Nine importance of iron supplementation in piglets

1. The amount of iron stored in the piglet at the time of birth is insufficient. CSD China Feed Industry Information Network - Based on feed, serving animal husbandry

Piglets can get all the nutrients except breasts from breast milk. When the piglet

Wood + laser = graphene? The scientists really did!

Scientists at Rice University have succeeded in creating graphene through a "highly renewable" and common resource, which is wood! In 2014, a team of chemists led by James Tour developed a process for fabricating 3D graphene foam by heating

Tips: Can you use regular absorbent gauze masks?

Ordinary absorbent gauze mask can wash it? Ordinary absorbent gauze masks can be cleaned, but a mask should not be used for too long. Disposable medical masks should be replaced every day and cannot be reused. Reusable gauze masks should be cl

Gossip smart lock - how to gossip smart lock?

Smart locks have gradually become popular with the ordinary people from the symbol of high-end families, and are increasingly receiving the attention and acceptance of everyone. There are many brands of smart locks, and each brand has different advantages. So, let&

What is the function of Jielu smart lock?

The development of the times brings us more convenience, and the emergence of some products is also inevitable! Just like smart phones, televisions, and watches, the emergence of smart locks is not a common phenomenon, but it is not that the theft phenomenon is com