Analysis on New Steel-plastic Composite Pipe Welding Technology

Steel-plastic composite pipe refers to the metal pipe anti-corrosion lining lined with plastic anti-corrosion lining. The lining of metal anti-corrosion pipe has various forms such as cement mortar, resin and plastic, and its manufacturing process is mature. However, the most problematic part of the actual application is the pipeline connection. The interface technology is the most critical section of the construction and installation process.

At present, the interface connection form for the steel pipe with lining anticorrosive material is still in the form of a conventional flange connection, a socket ferrule seal and a groove clamp connection. The sealing methods of the above forms all have the disadvantages of poor interface sealing and poor rigidity. Therefore, a new design of steel-plastic composite pipe joint welding connection structure can not only ensure the welded connection of the pipe joint, but also does not damage the plastic lining inside the steel pipe, and meets the requirements of pipeline temperature resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. That is, a tapered sleeve is welded on the outer periphery of the two-port of the anti-corrosion metal pipe section, and the adjacent two ports are plugged together when the pipe sections are connected. At this time, the taper sleeve ports on both sides should be matched, and then the two outer casing ports are firmly welded. . After the welding is completed, the cavity between the joint sleeve and the plug (or butt) interface is filled with anti-corrosion and sealing filler. Filling materials require corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and a certain strength. The interface is directly processed on the pipe section and is carried out before the pipe lining is applied, that is, the joint between the casing and the pipe end is firmly welded. When the hardware pipe is installed, only the interface sleeve is welded, and there is no influence on the pipe lining. Plastic anti-corrosion lining T can choose PE, PE-X, F4 and other materials according to the nature and temperature of the conveying medium. The interface filler can be a bad oxygen resin, an unsaturated polyester resin and cement, but the interface should be sealed, preserved and fixed.

Steel-plastic composite pipe welded joint casing should be selected from the same material as the base metal, the same wall thickness to ensure the strength requirements. When the mother tube is connected by the socket, the concentricity is good and the installation quality is easy to ensure. When the female pipe is connected by the opposite port, in order to ensure the correctness of the counterpart, the positioning sleeve is welded at the pipe end, which reduces the difficulty of the counterpart, and can also ensure the concentricity of the pipe. The positioning sleeve is made of steel plate thicker than 3-4 mm and welded to the pipe end before the pipe section is lined.

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Double horizontal wire fence specification:

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height: 1030mm, 1230mm, 1530mm, 1830mm, 2030mm

Post size:

peach post: 50*70*1.2mm, 70*100mm*1.2mm

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electric galvanized then powder coating, hot dip galvanized then powder coating

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