Anti-static clothing anti-static ultra-clean fabric identification method

What is anti-static and ultra-clean fabric:

Anti-static clean fabric is often referred to as "conductive silk." In fact, this argument is not strict, according to its own technical characteristics of conductive silk can be divided into suitable for static electricity (ESD), and apply to the clean room (Clean Room), only for the clean room of conductive silk can be called Anti-static clean fabric.

Anti-static and ultra-clean fabric identification method

Measuring the warp and weft density: The warp and weft density mirrors were used to measure the warp and weft densities of the fabrics and compare them.
Resistance measurement: Measure the warp and weft resistance of the fabric with a surface resistance tester and compare them.

The principle of comparison is: Select the resistance is relatively small; If the resistance is the same, select the resistance value is stable; Pay attention to whether the fabric is added with antistatic agent when finishing (Applicable to the conductive silk with only the longitudinal direction plus conductive fiber, commonly known as striped cloth) The method is to use the surface resistance tester to measure the resistance in the warp direction and the weft direction separately. If they are the same, indicating that an antistatic agent is added, the measured resistance does not represent the true level.

Look at the microstructure: Use a high magnification magnifying glass to look at the quality of the fabric, compare the size of the gap between the fibers (related to the dust filter rate), see if there are attachments on the surface of the fiber (related to the amount of dust generated), and see if the fiber arrangement is neat and elastic. (If the elasticity is inconsistent, some of the loose fibers during wear and washing can be easily roughened, and dust will be emitted when worn later).

Check Conductive Fibers: Conductive fibers are the key raw material in anti-static cleansing fabrics. Checking the conductive fibers is to see if the conductive fibers are added according to the specifications and what kind of conductive fibers are added.

The inspection method is: Use scissors to carefully cut the fabric along the edge of the black conductive fiber, and separate the black conductive fiber, use a magnifying glass to observe whether there is one or more coarse fibers, and use the surface resistance test Measure the resistance of the separated conductive fiber. Continuously removing a few roots can basically judge whether each black wire in the fabric contains conductive fibers. (The conductive silk is made of carbon organic conductive fiber, which is black or gray, generally around 20D, between 1F and 6F. In order to achieve the strength requirements when weaving, we need a common black or white polyester. fiber).

Contrast fabric process parameters: Suppliers are required to provide the basic parameters of the fabric, such as yarn fineness (how much D, how much F), weft and weft density, fabric organization, finished web width, shrinkage, and what type of conductive fiber to use.

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