Brief analysis of low density polyethylene

Low density polyethylene, also known as high pressure polyethylene, density = 0.91 to 0.92; high density polyethylene, also known as low pressure polyethylene, has a higher density than the former; the two polyethylenes have a molecular weight of approximately 400,000 or less; Polyethylene, which people call it: "high" and "extra high", more than 1.5 million is called ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, the current molecular weight can be as high as 600-700, due to high molecular weight, performance is also improved, more prominent indicators, wear resistance The most obvious, more than ten times the known material several times. The low temperature resistance is good, the strength performance can be kept basically below -100 degrees, and even the certain type energy can be maintained at -296 degrees C in the liquid nitrogen state. High tensile strength, low temperature and corrosion resistance are quite superior! It is one of the indispensable varieties in the generalization process of engineering plastics. Its density ranges from 0.94 to 1.00. Due to its high molecular weight, it has the defect of poor processability. At present, most of them are sintered by compression molding, and the efficiency is low. In recent years, some colleges have carried out extrusion molding research, and the results are remarkable. As far as I know, the extrusion pipe of Beijing University of Chemical Technology has already blossomed in China, Northwest Institute of Technology injection molding. Molding has also been successfully completed, both in South China and East China The school adopts different forms to launch the results. Nanomaterials also play an important role in the application of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Nano-modified materials have a good effect in increasing U-PE plasticity. There is a base in northeastern Beijing. Molecular weight polyethylene resin manufacturer: Beijing 20,000 tons / year, Shanghai 500 tons / year, Qilu Petrochemical Institute 1500 tons / year. As a modified manufacturer - Chengdu Zhengguang. Resin prices are generally 14000-11000 yuan / ton, modified materials Price> 25,000 yuan / ton

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Compressopm Joint And Shearing Device

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