Cabinet hardware purchase articles: faucet, sink selection skills

How to use the kitchen every day to prolong the service life under various erosions? Take the cabinet hardware, its quality directly affects the overall beauty of the kitchen and the user's mood, and the poor quality hardware is very fast. It will be "end to sleep." Therefore, at the beginning of the selection, we must strictly control the quality and put the quality first. Today, the author brings the kitchen faucet and sink selection skills to everyone, hoping to give some advice for everyone's purchase.

Leading shopping guide: not only to prevent water leakage but also to save water

The kitchen is a big battle for home water consumption. In particular, more and more people are now worried about pesticide residues. Both vegetables and fruits should be soaked several times before they can be eaten. This leads to an increase in kitchen water consumption. Therefore, water saving is a problem that has to be considered when purchasing kitchen faucets. In addition to ordinary faucets, there are special water-saving faucets on the market, which are about 30%-40% less than ordinary faucets. The water-saving faucet is mainly installed with a bubbler in the faucet to inject air into the water, so that when the water is flushed, the water flow is reduced, the flushing amount is reduced, and the energy is saved. This kind of faucet also has the function of splashing, avoiding the problem of splashing water every time.

Another key factor in choosing a kitchen faucet is the problem of water leakage. Due to the high frequency of opening and closing of the kitchen faucet, if the quality is too poor, it will be easy to leak and drip after use, resulting in waste. The key to the leakage of the faucet is the valve core. It is generally considered that the ceramic valve core is the more advanced valve core technology. Compared with the ordinary valve core, it has the functions of strong wear resistance and good sealing performance, and its water leakage resistance is also better. It is recommended to choose the ceramic valve core faucet. In addition, when purchasing a faucet, you should also try to see if the opening and closing of the switch is smooth. See if the plating on the surface of the faucet is smooth or not. These are the key factors for judging whether the faucet is good or bad.

Slot selection guide: the design of the outlet is very important

At present, most kitchen sinks are made of 304 stainless steel. The basin is sturdy and durable, so there is no need to worry about the service life. The key is the water supply device of the sink. Many households habitually wash vegetables and wash dishes, and let the residue directly flow out from the water outlet of the water tank. The long-term cultivation of this habit can easily lead to blockage of the water outlet, water leakage of the water pipe, and smell of the sewer.

Therefore, consider the design of the water outlet of the sink when purchasing the sink. For example, a solid waste storage basket with a sinking sink can be selected, which can store the solid waste that is washed down, and the garbage of the storage basket can be emptied after each use of the water tank, thereby avoiding excessive solid waste entering the sewer and causing blockage. Nowadays, more and more families are installing food waste disposers, which can directly break solid waste, even if it is washed from the water pipe, it will not cause blockage.

In addition, the quality of the water pipes in the sewers is also a major concern when purchasing the sinks. If the quality of the water pipe is too poor, the corrosion of long-term food residue will easily lead to problems such as water leakage and odor. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of the product when selecting the sewer PVC water pipe.

The author suggests:

1. The highest rating of a good kitchen is easy to use. Therefore, it is more important to pay attention to hardware such as faucets and sinks. Different kitchen hardware has been introduced in the market for different usage habits. For example, in addition to ordinary faucets, there are different faucet styles such as pull-out nozzles, 360-degree rotating nozzles, and spray-type nozzles. The sink also has special accessories, such as a metal shelf placed above the sink for easy washing and drying when washing fruits.

2. The size of the water pipes should be the same. Due to the different sizes of the sewer pipes of different households and different sinks, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the diameter of the interface of the water tank is the same and the length of the sewer pipe is the same. In addition, when using the sink, the water outlet should preferably isolate the residue to prevent food residue from entering the drain. This will not only cause blockage, but also easily irradiate the water pipe for a long time, causing damage and water leakage.

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