Campus security, the status quo is worrying

Campus security, the status quo is worrying

Since many campus violence incidents occurred in succession, campus safety work has received attention. At present, what is the application situation of the campus security system?

1, in terms of means, mainly to air defense and physical defense, lack of technical defense.

2. In terms of funds, security construction funds are mostly funded by the school itself, and campus security development is in economic difficulties.

3, in the equipment, equipment, low-grade, blurred image, poor stability, low resolution, can not effectively monitor and prevent.

4. In terms of maintenance, the daily maintenance of the security system is insufficient. Some devices have failed and their functions have failed, but they cannot be discovered and repaired in time.

5. On the Internet, on the one hand, schools are built separately and lack linkage functions with other agencies. On the other hand, there is a lack of linkage function among security subsystems within schools.

6. In terms of scope, most schools only provide security protection in important places, such as major passages, important places, entrances and exits, and there are many loopholes.

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