Chicken feed for salt

Chlorine and sodium are present in chicken body fluids, soft tissues and eggs. They maintain the acid-base balance of the chicken body and maintain the balance of osmotic pressure between cells and blood. In addition, they form a raw material for gastric juice and stomach acid, which can promote the activity of digestive enzymes. It plays a major role in the digestion and absorption of fats and proteins. Salt can improve the palatability of the diet, enhance appetite, and improve feed utilization. Therefore, salt is both an essential nutrient and a seasoning for chickens. bVn China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry

The salt content of chicken diet is preferably 0.37%~0.5%. In the case of the diet, the salt content of the animal feed should be considered, and then the amount of salt supplemented should be determined to avoid causing salt poisoning in the chicken. bVn China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry

Gas Fastening System is a very popular and very efficient building Fastening System which include gas tool, fuel cell and strip fasteners. Gas tool absorbs flammable gas from fuel cell and mixes it in its air cylinder. The mixture is  ignited by electric device and produce a lot of high pressure gas which push the piston go forward to push the strip fastener into the concrete or wood basement. Compared with General Purpose Powder Actuated Fastening System, it is much more quicker and efficient. But it is not used for very hard basement for its highest power energy is no more than 110 Joules.

Gas tool:

gas nailer

Fuel Cell:

Gas Fuel Cell

Strip Fasteners:

gas nails

The packages are as the following: 

1.Gas tool and its spare parts will be packed by a plastic box with a carton;

2.10 Fuel Cells are packed by 1paper box, 12 boxes are packed by one carton.

3. 1000 strip fasteners are packed by 1 paper box, 5 or ten 10 paper boxes are packed by one carton.

Gas Fastening System

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