China will increase occupational disease treatment for miners

Recently, the State Council issued the National Sustainable Development Plan for Resource-based Cities (2013-2020) (hereinafter referred to as the "planning"). Among them, the "plan" requires effective protection and improvement of people's livelihood, and increases the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases and common diseases of mining workers such as pneumoconiosis, chronic gastritis, and dermatoses.
The problems left over by the historically depleted cities in our country are still serious, and the endogenous driving force for transformation and development is not strong. Nearly 70 million square meters of shantytowns need to be reconstructed. About 140,000 hectares of submerged areas need to be rehabilitated. The number of unemployed miners is more than 600,000, and the number of urban subsistence allowances exceeds 1.8 million.

Therefore, it is necessary to effectively protect and improve people's livelihood. We will improve the basic medical and health service system and improve the level of medical services and the capacity for emergency treatment in medical institutions in mining areas. Increase the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases and common diseases of miners such as pneumoconiosis, chronic gastritis, and skin diseases.

"Planning" lists the indicators for livelihood improvement to be achieved in resource-based cities by 2020, in which the per capita disposable income of urban residents is greater than 29,700 yuan, the per capita net income of rural residents is more than 14,100 yuan, the registered urban unemployment rate is less than 5%, and the shantytowns are rebuilt. The completion rate is 100%.

"Planning" emphasizes that expanding employment is a priority for the economic and social development of resource-based cities. Bring government investment and major project construction into play. Support the development of labor-intensive industries, service industries and small and micro enterprises, and vigorously develop the family service industry. We will improve and implement small secured loans, financial discounts, and venue arrangements to encourage self-employment policies, improve the entrepreneurial service system, and promote the employment of various groups of entrepreneurs. Accelerate the establishment of a professional, informatized, and industrialized human resources service system, and strengthen professional intermediary and employment information services. Multi-channel development of public welfare jobs, giving priority to support for unemployed miners, unemployed workers in the forest area, workers with disabilities, shanty towns relocated residents and landless peasants and other difficult groups to re-employment. Strengthen the construction of vocational skills training system, focusing on supporting 50 technical colleges, 100 reemployment training bases, and 200 vocational skills training centers (bases).

The "Planning" pointed out that the squatter settlements in urban and state-owned industrial and mining (coal) shanty towns and forest shanty towns should be vigorously promoted, government investment should be increased, and supporting policies for taxation, land supply, and finance should be implemented in an effort to basically complete the resource-based approach by 2015. Urban renewal tasks into shanty towns. Provide infrastructure facilities such as water supply and sewerage, heating, gas supply, power supply, roads, garbage collection and transportation, and schools, hospitals, and other service facilities, effectively strengthen the socialization management and service of new communities, and support the construction of a group of relocating residents Enterprises and projects to consolidate the results of transformation to ensure that relocated residents can live and work in peace and contentment. Study and carry out the post-evaluation work on the relocation and maintenance of civil houses in mining subsidence areas, and implement the relocation of residential houses in subsidence areas where the deterioration of the damaged areas after maintenance has continued.

The "Planning" emphasizes that social insurance systems such as basic old-age care, basic medical care, unemployment, work-related injuries, and childbirth should be further improved, and all types of difficulties should be actively promoted to participate in social insurance, expand the coverage of social insurance, and strive to achieve full coverage, and gradually increase the level of protection. Gradually solve the problems left over from history, such as the closure of bankrupted collective enterprise retirees to participate in medical insurance, “old industrial injury” personnel included in industrial injury insurance. Improve urban and rural minimum living security and social assistance system. Study and solve the problem of social security for landless farmers. Accelerate the construction of social security service facilities in mining areas and build a social security management service network. We will improve the basic medical and health service system and improve the level of medical services and the capacity for emergency treatment in medical institutions in mining areas. Increase the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases and common diseases of miners such as pneumoconiosis, chronic gastritis, and skin diseases.

The "Planning" pointed out that the concept of safety development should be established, safety production management should be strengthened, and the focus should be on industries such as coal mines, non-coal mines, transportation, construction, hazardous chemicals, and metallurgy to promote the establishment of a safe production standardization and strict production safety. Admittance system, strengthen supervision and inspection and hidden trouble investigation and management, and severely crack down on illegal illegal production, operation and construction. Prevent and control major occupational hazards and environmental hazards such as dust and highly toxic substances. Strengthen the emergency management capabilities, increase the investigation of hidden hazards in key mines and geological disasters, and establish systems for investigation, assessment, monitoring, early warning, prevention, and emergency response to geological hazards such as landslides, mudslides, subsidence, and collapse. Improve forest fire prevention and emergency response capabilities in Forest City. Effectively protect the rights and interests of the people, and focus on outstanding conflicts and problems such as resource development, land requisition and demolition, corporate reorganization and bankruptcy, and environmental pollution, strengthen and improve petition work, work hard to resolve social conflicts, and establish a sound coordination mechanism for the expression and interest of the people.

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