Deep processing equipment tools: crack the homogenization of the ceramic industry

Abstract What are the bottlenecks restricting the further development of the Chinese ceramic industry on the international stage? The answer for most industry people is: homogenization. In fact, although most people in the industry are aware of the dangers of homogenization to the development of the industry, the development of homogenization of Chinese ceramic products...
What are the bottlenecks that constrain the further development of the Chinese ceramic industry on the international stage? The answer for most industry people is: homogenization.

In fact, although most people in the industry are aware of the dangers of homogenization to the development of the industry, the speed of homogenization of Chinese ceramic products has not slowed down. With the wide application of inkjet technology in the industry, the replication of products has become easier, and it is easier to imitate and plagiarize the hot-selling products in the market, which also intensifies the process of product homogenization.

In the face of global market competition, how to get rid of the homogenization, achieve product innovation, enhance the high value-added and personalized design of products, has become a subject that ceramics operators have to seriously think about and deal with.

Deep processing equipment: cracking the homogenization of the ceramic industry

In the great tide of innovation, ceramic deep processing equipment such as cutting, grooving, edging, polishing, arc cutting and edging, engraving plays an important role in the innovation of ceramic products. Ceramic wire strip paving, various ceramic art mosaics, water knife parquet, engraving products and other deep-processed ceramic products not only have strong individualized colors, but also greatly enhance the added value of products and attract end consumption. At the same time, the eyeballs also laid a good foundation for the company to develop high-end market.

The curtain of the 2014 Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition is about to open, and many ceramic deep processing equipment companies will gather at the exhibition to showcase their innovative products. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for home decoration and decoration are becoming more and more fashionable, artistic and personalized. This also makes many ceramic enterprises pay more attention to the innovation of deep processing equipment, and thus in the increasingly fierce competition. Grab the opportunity.

Industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce

Since the introduction of the first fully automatic ceramic wall and floor tile production line in Italy from 1983 Foshan Acid-resistant Ceramics Factory, China's architectural ceramics has developed rapidly, especially after entering the 21st century, the industrial development is changing with each passing day. In 2013, the output of China's building ceramics reached 9.69 billion square meters. With such a development speed, the output of 10 billion square meters will be just around the corner.

In fact, the rapid development of China's building ceramics industry is closely linked to the development of ceramic machinery and equipment. On the one hand, the development of ceramic machinery and equipment has promoted the further improvement of the ceramics industry; on the other hand, the development of the ceramics industry has also driven the continuous growth of the machinery and equipment industry.

Among many ceramic machinery and equipment, ceramic deep processing equipment has a significant role in promoting the added value and grade of ceramic products. In order to solve the problem of high damage rate of ceramics manufacturers, and adapt to the market demand for ceramic products, fashion, individualization and art, some domestic and foreign machinery manufacturers with strong research and development capabilities have developed polishing machines and waterjet cutting. Deep processing equipment such as machine, continuous brick cutting machine and arc cutting machine.

These deep processing equipment can not only cut finished polished tiles and broken polished tiles into high value-added mosaic series products, but also improve the utilization rate of waste products. Moreover, the ceramic products after deep processing have higher grade, high technology content and high added value. The sales of ceramic products and the enhancement of brand value have played a role in boosting.

China's first ceramic edger was born in 1992. The first ceramic flattening machine was born in 1994. The first ceramic polishing machine was born in 1995. Since 1996, some domestically produced deep processing equipment with international advanced technology level have begun to substitute a large number of imported products, and have begun to export to South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries with good cost performance.

After more than 20 years of development, the current domestic deep processing equipment has shown a development trend of blooming. It is reported that there are about a thousand manufacturers of consumable products such as ceramic deep processing and polishing abrasives, and the market competition is becoming more and more fierce.

According to Liu Yang, general manager of Foshan Deleco Electromechanical Co., Ltd., there are more than 400 deep processing equipment manufacturers in Foshan and surrounding areas, and the competition is getting bigger and bigger. “Only there are more than 10 enterprises around our factory, now deep processing. The survival pressure of equipment manufacturers can be seen."

In addition, the market trend of deep processing equipment is closely linked to the market of the ceramic industry. With the popularity of products such as polished glazed tiles and microcrystalline stones in the market, the market share of polished tiles has also decreased accordingly, which will also affect the market trend of polishing equipment. As a manufacturer of polishing machine related products, Liao Jifeng, general manager of Foshan Nanhai Fengding Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Feng Ding Electromechanical”) is also very concerned about the development of polished tiles. He believes that polished tiles will still be the mainstream of the market, and polishing equipment will still have huge room for development. "The sales of medium-sized deep processing equipment enterprises can reach 700 million yuan a year, and even large enterprises can reach 12 billion. Yuan, its market trend is closely related to the social background, market economy, national policies and local regulations, but overall the outlook is still bright."

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