Elderly toilet what kind of good how effective cleaning elderly toilet dirt

Now that there are so many families with elderly people in the family, all the people in the home design will consider the decoration according to the elderly, such as the toilet in the home bathroom. For the elderly to use more convenient and safe, so will install the elderly toilet, then we come to understand what the elderly toilet is good and how to effectively clean the elderly toilet dirt.

What kind of good old toilet

1, then the problem came, the elderly special toilet in the end will be suitable for them to use for life, then the next Xiaobian to speak with you, the toilet in the choice of not too high, but not too short . According to the senior citizen's choice of height, the toilet must be designed with handrails on the sides so that they can stand up.

2. After more than half of the lives of the elderly, the body will continue to experience recession. Therefore, there will be many inconveniences in some actions. For this reason, the elderly have launched this “help”. Toilet. The brand's toilet is a toilet seat filled with liquid to provide energy, and it will automatically provide a certain amount of power whenever it needs to stand up. So that older people can stand up more easily, and the toilet should not be too high. Designing a handrail next to it can also serve the same purpose. For the elderly, too many functions and too complex will affect the use of the design. The design of the elderly should take into consideration the operational capabilities of the elderly. The toilet has functions such as warm water washing, warm air drying, seat heating, automatic anti-fouling and deodorizing.

How to effectively clean the elderly toilet dirt

1. In general, when the toilet in our house is to be cleaned, the toilet cleaner is often used to clean the toilet. In general, the physical condition of the elderly will be relatively weak. So we need to do cleaning every day. We need a little toilet brush on the brush and use a brush to remove dirt from the toilet. If there is no specific toilet agent, bleach is also a good choice.

2. It is also possible to use hydrochloric acid to clean the toilet, because it has a strong corrosion effect, and it should be used with special care. It is best not to touch the skin. Vinegar is also an acidic substance. It also removes dirt from the toilet, and it does little harm to people. Also just rinse with vinegar and brush to remove dirt, which will remove the dirt.

3. I think that many people will have baking soda in their homes. It can also effectively clean the dirt on the toilet. First, just sprinkle it in the place where the toilet bowl has stolen goods, then let it sit for a while and then scrub again. In addition to using brushes, you can use waste nylon socks and brush your own with a simple brush. Simply put a nylon sock on a stick and scrub the dirt. This homemade brush absorbs the cleaner more easily and helps remove the dirt.

Summary: What kind of good old toilet , and how to effectively clean the elderly toilet toilet related information is introduced here, I hope this will help everyone. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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