European-style living room decoration: six major matters, please pay attention!

For home improvement, the decoration of the living room has always been a top priority. In China, Chinese and European living room decoration styles are more popular. If you want to decorate your living room into a European style, the following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian introduces the European living room decoration precautions, you should not miss it!


European style living room decoration notes:

One: floor carpeting

In the traditional Chinese decoration, the ground is mainly floor or floor tiles, but it is decorated in the European living room, and the floor is mainly carpeted. The elegant carpet pattern and the European furniture complement each other, which can highlight the temperament of European ancient elegance and give people a sense of tranquility and harmony.

Two: paintings and fireplaces

A major feature of the European-style living room decoration is the hanging paintings and fireplaces, which are indispensable. The paintings can be abstract paintings or photographs on the metal frame side, or they can be imitations of some western famous paintings. Hanging paintings can create a rich artistic atmosphere and reflect the master's artistic accomplishment.

The fireplace is a symbol of European style. Since it is necessary to make a European-style decoration style, the fireplace must not be less, you can make a real thing, you can also just make a shape, make decorations, and create a Western-style atmosphere.

Three: white or dark retro furniture

European-style living room decoration, matching furniture should choose white or dark retro furniture. When purchasing, try to buy exquisite workmanship, excellent materials, elegant style, classic yet modern, simple and practical and atmospheric furniture.

Four: chandelier

Chandeliers are another major feature of European-style living room decoration. European-style living room, can not use the chandelier of steel material, suitable for crystal chandeliers or wrought-iron branches with unique shape, soft lines and slightly light.


Five: wallpaper

European-style wallpaper is mainly light-colored, with milky white, beige and light brown. The pattern of the wallpaper can be chosen from the famous western allusions with storyline, or the stripes and florals are also typical European style.

Do you remember the precautions for the European-style living room decoration introduced by the above-mentioned decoration home decoration network Xiaobian? I hope everyone can help you after reading it. For more information on decoration, please continue to pay attention to our decoration encyclopedia!

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