Fasteners as the largest fastener production base in Zhejiang

Fasteners are a pillar industry in Zhenhai. As the largest fastener production base in Zhejiang, Ningbo Zhenhai has been certified as the only regional brand in the province by the Zhejiang Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee. Statistics show that the total output of fasteners in the region has now accounted for 15% of the total industry in the country. In 2013, the industrial output value reached nearly 4 billion yuan, and the export delivery value was 1.4 billion yuan. The products are produced and sold on five continents. In the case, it has maintained a contrarian growth.

Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau always regards how to better serve the development of local foreign trade economy as the top priority of the work. The director of the bureau, Jin Hongyang, learned about the infinite business opportunities behind the small fasteners in a working meeting with the local government, and took the initiative to ask for the initiative to realize the docking with the enterprise and the government and let the Zhenhai fasteners Closely "connect" the world.

Helping to stand in the African market

As more and more countries have signed bilateral agreements with the Chinese government to require pre-shipment inspections of exported goods, the successful completion of this work will ensure the clearance of goods, improve the influence of Chinese manufacturing in the region and create a benign cluster. The effect will play a major role.

At present, there are many problems in the pre-shipment inspection, such as different inspection items and different testing standards. Especially the problem of fastener products is more prominent. The commonly used standards are DIN German standard, GB national standard, ASME/IFI/ANSI American standard, EN European standard, ISO international standard, etc., not to mention more than a few. Model number. Improving the effectiveness of work and accelerating trade facilitation are the requirements of Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. How to solve these problems has become a "difficult problem" placed in front of inspectors. In the face of difficulties, there is no way out, only a way out. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the work, the inspector simply left the standard "hard bones".

Ningbo Ningli High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high strength fastener products of various types and specifications. After more than ten years of development, the company has an annual output value of over 100 million. The company's products are not only sold well in Europe and America, but also ready to actively explore the African market. Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau proactively went to the door to publicize the relevant policies and regulations of bilateral agreements, so that they are familiar with the requirements of export, pre-shipment inspection, customs clearance and other aspects, and escort the enterprise to open up the African market. According to statistics, the company exported a total of 19 batches of Egyptian goods in January-April, amounting to 1.568 million US dollars, achieving an average annual growth target of 10%.

At the beginning of the year, Ningbo Jinding Fastener Co., Ltd. had a batch of goods to be exported to Elgeria, with a value of nearly 60,000 US dollars. This is the first time the company exported to the country. At the same time, due to the tight schedule, the company applied to the Zhenhai Bureau for special handling. After understanding this situation, Zhenhai Bureau adhered to the philosophy of “Ning people wait for the ship, not let the ship wait for others”, and implemented the inspection, supervision and certificate at the first time, which greatly reduced the customs clearance time and logistics cost of the enterprise and won The company’s compliments are praised.

From January to April 2014, Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau completed 21 pre-shipment inspections for export to African countries, with an amount of US$1.665 million. The value of goods increased by 6.2% year-on-year, and continued to maintain a steady upward trend. Zhenhai Fasteners were shipped before shipment. Inspect the country as a springboard and successfully establish itself in Africa.

Exploring ASEAN Emerging Markets

In recent years, there have been many enterprises in the jurisdiction that have turned their attention to the emerging big market of ASEAN. At present, they can enjoy up to 10% tariff reduction on the original basis with the valid China-ASEAN Trade Agreement certificate. Undoubtedly make good use of this “paper gold”. It will add weight to the company's development of ASEAN.

There is always a gap between ideals and reality. Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau understands that many companies have missed the visa opportunity because they do not understand the policy, the customer did not ask for it or are afraid of trouble. How to improve the utilization rate of the certificate of origin, Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau can be described as well-intentioned. Brains. First of all, through the initiative to cooperate with the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, use the other party's platform to publicize the free trade zone certificate of origin policy to enterprises within the jurisdiction, so that enterprises can understand the gold content of the certificate of origin. Then, these enterprises will be included in the "QQ" group of the special certificate of origin of the Zhenhai Bureau, and the problems in the corporate visa process will be answered in time to ensure that the eligible products can be successfully issued.

A wave of unrest, a wave of up again. In the past two years, Indonesian Customs has frequently issued re-inquiries for various reasons, and fastener products have not been spared. At the beginning of this year, Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau received a certificate from Indonesian Customs for the return of Ningbo Dongxin High Strength Nut Co., Ltd. The Zhenhai Bureau responded positively. The first time, the company organized personnel to investigate the company on the spot, carefully checked the source of raw materials, processing procedures, product packaging, etc., and quickly confirmed the authenticity and validity of the certificate to the Indonesian customs. Ten days later, the company’s deputy manager ran to the Zhenhai Bureau to inform the goods that they had successfully cleared the customs, and said to the chief of the department in charge of the business, “If you don’t deal with it in time, not only will our customs clearance be affected, maybe even As a result, importers are not entitled to tariff reductions, which will undoubtedly cast a shadow over our company's ASEAN strategy."

Heaven pays for work, and pays always pays off. In the first quarter of 2014, Ningbo Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued a total of 73 fasteners ASEAN certificates, with a visa amount of 3.381 million US dollars, a substantial increase of 55.3% and 91.2% respectively. The company also took the lead in the market by virtue of the certificate. machine.

Stabilizing the European and American markets

Europe and the United States is the main export market for Zhenhai fasteners, accounting for 80% of exports, and is also the region with the most technical barriers to trade. On January 31, 2009, the EU imposed anti-dumping measures on fasteners and imposed a formal anti-dumping duty of up to 87%. On March 26 of the same year, the United States ruled that the dumping margin of China's fasteners was 55.16%-206%. After three months, the United States once again filed anti-dumping and countervailing claims against certain standard steel fasteners originating in China and Taiwan. The anti-dumping duties of 66.87%-205.97% were imposed. For this reason, the export enterprises in Zhenhai were once in trouble.

Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau starts from its own advantages and cooperates with the Foreign Economic and Trade Commission of the district to play the role of the fastener industry association of Zhenhai District. It will release the international trade friction warning information to the enterprises at the first time to guide enterprises to actively respond. By issuing questionnaires, visiting companies and other forms, we leaned over to understand the needs of enterprises and promote the export of fastener products.

At present, anti-dumping in Europe and the United States is mainly concentrated in low-end products. To this end, Zhenhai District has issued a series of related policies to encourage enterprises to increase the technological content of products and strive to reoccupy the international market with high-end fastener products. Enterprises also realize that taking the road of scientific and technological development is the basis for long-term survival of enterprises, and they have increased investment in technological innovation. For example, “Jinding Fasteners” has obtained 13 national utility model patents and declared 2 invention patents.

At the same time, actively implement the "going out strategy" and break through trade barriers. In order to evade anti-dumping taxation, enterprises are encouraged to invest abroad to establish production bases, change the origin of products, and obtain national treatment in the producing countries. Ningbo Jinding Fastener Co., Ltd. has established a production base in Indonesia. Today, the company produces about 300 tons of fasteners per month and 80% of them are sold to the EU.

"In the future, help Zhenhai fastener industry to become a business card in Zhenhai District, and make Zhenhai a "fastener name zone" is our work goal."

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