Hall ceiling should pay attention to what simple ceiling needs how much money

As we all know, China is a more traditional country, and the decoration of the hall ceiling is no exception. Therefore, before the renovation, the owners have to understand some of the hallway decoration considerations through various channels. Here we will take a look at what the hall ceiling should pay attention to and how much money a simple ceiling needs!

First, what should pay attention to the hall ceiling?

1. Height

Because the size of the hall area is not large, if the ceiling is too low, it will give people a feeling of oppression. So when choosing the ceiling height, we must choose higher ones. In addition, the pattern of the hall ceiling should be kept the same, because it can improve the overall appearance of the home.

2. Lamp selection

What should pay attention to the ceiling of the foyer? Because the light in the foyer is relatively dark, use lamps to supplement the light. Specific lighting options The owners can make judgments based on their own needs and economic capabilities. In fact, if conditions permit, choosing an atmospheric crystal lamp is very suitable.

3. Uniform style

Although the foyer is a small area, it also has a lot of decoration styles, but the premise is that it must be coordinated with the overall style. Of course, if you don't know much about the decoration style, you can also let the designer help design, so that you can create a beautiful home!

Second, how much is a simple ceiling?

1. related to brand grade

According to the survey, the price per square meter of integrated ceilings in China is generally between one or two hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. The main factors affecting their price changes are different brands. For example, the price per square meter of Baolan ceilings is generally around RMB 1,000, while the federal price is relatively affordable, so most people can accept it. (for reference only)

2. related to the installation of materials

Subsidiary materials, artificial freight, electrical appliances, plates, etc. are the main factors that affect the price change of ceilings. Among them, materials are the biggest factor affecting their price changes. So owners can choose the right ceiling material according to their own needs and economic capabilities.

Editor's summary: The above has introduced to everyone the relevant knowledge of what the hall ceiling should pay attention to and how much money the simple ceiling needs, and hopes to give everyone some help. If you need to know more about the hall ceiling, you can always pay attention to our website, and the content behind it will be even more exciting!

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