Hebei Wansheng diaphragm coupling advantages and working principle

The most representative metal interference coupling, it can be used in a variety of mechanical equipment. The diaphragm is made of special high-strength impervious steel sheet with 0.3~2mm thickness riveted into the assembly, and there are 4~16 hinged holes on the top, which are respectively connected with the main and driven flanges by bolts. The diaphragm is under tension, pressure, and twisting stress during operation. The coupling has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, large transmission torque range, good mechanical performance, convenient assembly and disassembly, and low installation accuracy. It embodies the advantages of the interference coupling and can be widely applied in various fields. A variety of working conditions, such as pumps, fans, rolling mills, papermaking machinery, electrical machinery, cement machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace, etc. Because of its good vibration-damping performance and smooth transmission, it is widely accepted and adopted in various industries. Especially in the paper industry, it can make your papers more smooth, smooth, and greatly improved in quality. You can always be one step ahead, and it is also the best choice for power plants, petrochemical plants, cement plants, rolling mills, mines, etc. to carry out technological transformation, substitute imports, and save energy and reduce consumption. Diaphragm coupling structure: 4 holes 6 holes 8 holes 10 holes 12 holes
1. Diaphragm coupling diaphragm form: continuous multilateral ring, circular ring, separated connecting rod, spoke, formed diaphragm, wave diaphragm.
2. Characteristics of continuous polygonal ring and circular ring of elastic diaphragm coupling: Each diaphragm coupling is composed of several equal thickness diaphragms. The outer edge of each diaphragm is arc-shaped with good elasticity and simple shape. The processing is convenient, but its elasticity is poor. In addition, the elasticity with fewer edges is better than the elasticity with more edges. However, if the number of edges is too small, the stability is also reduced. When one-way operation is reduced, only half of the rings bear the transmission torque. 3. Diaphragm coupling separating link-shaped features: Each diaphragm consists of a single thin rod to form a polygon, the shape of the rod is simple, and the manufacturing is convenient, but the precise pitch is required, and its working performance is basically the same as that of the continuous polygonal ring. , but low strength and speed, suitable for occasions where the diaphragm coupling size is limited.
4. Characteristics of spokes of diaphragm coupling: Each diaphragm coupling consists of several pieces, and the screw holes on the outer edge and the inner edge of the diaphragm coupling are respectively connected with the main driven half diaphragm coupling. Twisting, the forming hole in the diaphragm is to increase the elasticity, because the elasticity needs the difference between the inner and outer diameter should not be too small, generally in order to transmit small and medium power is appropriate.
5. Characteristics of formed diaphragm coupling diaphragm: Each diaphragm coupling consists of a single diaphragm, and the thickness of the diaphragm decreases from the inner diameter outward to the hyperbolic law, so as to maintain the equal strength condition and its material utilization. High, overall good, especially suitable for high-speed transmission, but the high precision of diaphragm manufacturing.
6, the characteristics of the waveform diaphragm: diaphragm in the axial section waveform, high elasticity, good compensation performance. The thickness of the diaphragm is of equal thickness and unequal thickness.

No lubrication and routine maintenance required
The state of the diaphragm coupling can be detected without disassembling; in addition, during the operation of the equipment, the diaphragm can be inspected with a strobe light, and the torsional rigidity is high, and zero rotation is achieved;
If the alignment is accurate, the diaphragm coupling will not be damaged for a lifetime and its life will be infinitely long;
Diaphragm couplings have no wear parts, but are used in various harsh working conditions.
If the offset error is within a limited range, the diaphragm coupling will have the same long life as the device;

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