High-definition surveillance makes the security of the scenic area more perfect

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] When visitors appreciate the scenery, they hope that the scenic spot will be safe and secure, and the high-definition surveillance will ensure that the security of the scenic spot is not guilty.
HD monitoring
At the moment, tourism has become one of the strongest and largest industries in the global economy. The industrial status and economic role of tourism in urban economic development have gradually increased, and the promotion of urban economic and social employment, as well as the promotion of culture and environment, has become increasingly apparent.
With the increasing demand for safety in the scenic spot, the safety non-compliance behavior will be “zero tolerance”. The National Tourism Administration has also requested that tourist attractions enterprises strengthen security facilities from various angles to ensure the safety of tourists. These have led to an acceleration in the construction of scenic area security. This article takes the high-definition digital security solution of the Lushan Mountain area undertaken by the Yellow River as an example to analyze this type of case.
Scenic security requirements for video surveillance systems
Intensive personnel and complex environment are common problems faced by all scenic spots. In this case, a security overall solution is needed to effectively monitor the number of people entering the tourist attractions, vehicles and follow-up supervision, to help the scenic spot managers better understand the current situation of the scenic spots and tourists, and to identify potential safety hazards in a timely manner and effectively eliminate them.
The intelligent high-definition IP monitoring system of the digital application of the Yellow River can record the all-weather, all-round 24-hour monitoring and personnel flow on the site in the mountainous area, and achieve the purpose of strengthening on-site supervision and safety management and improving service quality. Make the work management of the tourist area more standardized, scientific, accurate, intelligent and informative, and provide a strong guarantee for the safe and efficient work of the tourist area.
Scenic area monitoring system project background
There are 16 monitoring areas in the previous scenic spot, which are widely distributed. In order to strengthen the safety of tourist activities in scenic spots, and through effective remote supervision to improve the quality of scenic service, and ultimately improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, each monitoring area is equipped with a million high-definition network high-speed ball. Convenient and flexible monitoring of real-time, 360-degree rotation and zooming. It also supports 128 preset positions, which is convenient for the administrator to quickly call the preset monitoring area.
In the planning and research phase of the system, the user side analyzes and compares the current mainstream monitoring mode according to the system requirements:
1. Traditional analog monitoring mode: It is necessary to set up a dedicated optical fiber for analog image transmission between each key area and the scenic area monitoring center. The amount of optical cable laying will be very large. In addition, although the image is better in real time, it is based on simulation. The limitation of the system is that it is difficult or impossible to implement front-end device management, multi-center monitoring, and deep application of image information. Therefore, the analog system is naturally not used.
2. Second-generation digital local video surveillance mode based on DVR: In the remote monitoring application, the monitoring mode based on digital DVR can not solve the unified centralized management, recording and playback requirements of the network remote monitoring center. The DVR-based system is still a closed system, or an information island, and cannot interact with other management systems. This kind of closed system expansion is very difficult. Especially the current monitoring system is getting bigger and bigger, and the amount of data is increasing. It is difficult to realize unified management of equipment and data by using the closed mode of DVR, so this mode is also veto.
3. Remote image monitoring management mode based on HD IP camera: The user finally selects the remote centralized monitoring and management system for the scenic image based on the high-definition IP camera as the core device architecture, and is equipped with millions of high-definition IP high-speed domes and standard-definition IP in each key area. The camera, after digitally compressing the locally captured image, uploads it to the monitoring center for centralized management, recording, remote playback and intercom based on the existing broadband network between the key areas and the scenic area monitoring center. The networked client computer can Real-time monitoring of related images, you can also access the storage server at any time, call the historical video data playback display.
High-definition surveillance can provide insight into theft, but it is still hoped that travellers will take precautions and take care of their own things.

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