High-end fingerprint lock into a high-end residential community standard products

In today's technology, the use of heavy old-fashioned mechanical locks is still not in line with the needs of the times. Traditional property management and security companies can only play the most basic security check. In order to make residents truly safe, convenient and intelligent living, developers need to provide more intelligent technology products to the residents. As the latest generation of intelligent security system, the "fingerprint lock" meets all security needs of users.

Because the fingerprint lock has the advantages of convenient management, security protection, etc., the security system market has long been occupied in commercial areas such as hotels, enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions, and high-end apartments. For users, although they have been exposed to such security systems in the business field, most users have not applied this technology to their homes for price reasons. The high-end residential developers are taking a fancy to this blank market, and the high-end fingerprint locks are directly given to the residents as the delivery standard, which not only strengthens the security level of the house, but also enhances the “high-end intelligence” image of the entire community.


Fingerprint lock is a feature that uses human biometric fingerprints for identity security identification. It is irreplaceable, non-reproducible and unique. It adopts high-tech digital image processing, biometrics and DSP algorithms, and is a new generation that meets modern security requirements. Access control system. Fingerprint lock products must pass the national GA certification standards, a small number of high-end fingerprint lock products will also apply for the highest quality level ANSI certification in the United States, ANSI certification as the highest level of the most stringent quality certification in the world, is the guarantee and symbol of high quality products. At present, domestic high-end fingerprint lock products have four kinds of door opening functions: “password, fingerprint, proximity card, mechanical lock”. Each fingerprint lock can accommodate 200 sets of passwords and fingerprint data, which can meet the needs of users with different habits and ages. .

As of the end of 2013, there were about 1,310 real estates in China using fingerprint locks. Although this figure has a certain gap compared to the use of fingerprint locks in Europe, America and Japan, it also shows that in China's high-end residential real estate market, intelligence Security technology has become a trend. In developed countries in Europe and America, the popularity of smart locks is very high, not only widely used in commercial office buildings, but also into the family life of ordinary people. According to statistics, in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, smart locks account for 50% of the market for civilian locks. In neighboring countries such as Japan and South Korea, smart locks account for more than 65% of civilian locks, especially in South Korea, where the use of smart locks in apartments is as high as 90%.

The reason why the fingerprint lock is favored by many foreign users, in addition to the advanced technology of the fingerprint lock itself, more importantly, he changed the user's family lifestyle. With the use of fingerprint locks, the security access control system has become safer, smarter and more convenient, which greatly enhances the security of the residents' access control system and gives the residents a more enjoyable smart living experience. Faced with the demand and love of high-end users for smart living, more high-end residential communities have begun to add “smart security systems” to the handover standards to enhance user acceptance and residential transaction volume.

Author: Gill Fingerprint Research Center

Function Supplying cold or hot water
Material  Brass 
Finishing Chrome
Cartridge Ceramic
Package Inner packing: Cloth bag, 
Brown color carton Outer packing: Kraft carton 
The package can be also done as customers' requirement
Product Technical Database
Material  Brass 
Surface Polish
Material analysis Cu≥59% 
Water Pressure Testing 1.6MPA 
Air Pressure Testing  0.8MPA
The Thickness Of Chrome Plating Nickel:7.5~9.5um Chrome:0.25~0.45um
Salt Spray Test 24 hours
Water flow bath/shower mixer≥18L/MIN, other mixer≥12L/MIN" "
Cartridge Life time  500,000 cycles 
Quality Guarantee 5 years Quality Guarantee
Environmentally-friendly, excellent resistance in corrosion and abrasion




Packaging & Shipping



Inner Cloth bag, white/brown/color box
Outer 8/10/12 boxes in craft carton
Sample Order Ex-work by courier freight collect
Mass Order Ex-work, FOB Jiangmen by sea LCL/20'/40' ;  Ex-Work for air shipment



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