High-speed horizontal snail pharmaceutical separation centrifuge performance index

Spiral blades: Designed for corrosion protection and laminar flow.
High-speed horizontal screw pharmaceutical separation centrifuge performance indicators:

1. Drum diameter: refers to the diameter of the straight section of the drum.

2. Drum length: refers to the effective length of the drum.

3. Maximum speed: refers to the highest speed reached by the drum.

4, the maximum separation factor: is the ratio of the centrifugal force and gravity of the material.

5. Drum cone angle: Designed with large cone angle and small cone angle.

6, the inner surface of the drum: anti-corrosion design.

7. Slag discharge port: It adopts anti-corrosion and energy-saving design.

8. Overflow: Adopt energy-saving design.

9, the distributor: the use of laminar flow design.

10. Screw feed port: It adopts anti-corrosion design.

11. Spiral blades: Designed with anti-corrosion and laminar flow.

12. Intercepting plate: It adopts laminar flow design.

13, the flow plate: the use of laminar flow design.

14, bearing: the use of stability design.

15. Differential: A planetary gear differential is used.

16. Drive system: It adopts dual-motor double-conversion energy feedback drive system.

17, automatic control system: can achieve constant torque automatic control.

18. Rotor stiffness: Calculated by computer simulation.

19. Dynamic balance: The weight of the rack is strictly matched, the strict high-speed dynamic balance and the advanced machine balance.

20. Material: The drum, screw and hood are made of stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel, and the frame is made of carbon steel.

21. Main motor power: refers to the power of the motor that drives the drum.

22. Auxiliary motor power: refers to the power of the motor that drives the screw.

23. Discharge concentration: including the solid content and moisture content of the discharge.

24, the amount of processing: the amount of feed processing and discharge processing.

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