How much room interior wall decoration needs

With the continuous improvement of people’s lives, the material requirements for walls are also higher. Nowadays there are many wall decoration materials on the market, and the prices of different wall materials will also be different. Today, Xiao Bian wants to share it for everyone. How much money is required for the decoration of a typical house wall ? Then check it out with Xiaobian!

How much is the general house wall decoration

Wall covering price

Usually the price of domestically produced wall cloth is about 40-118 yuan per meter, the price of imported wall cloth is about 70-158 yuan per meter, plus the cost of auxiliary materials and labor, and the price per extended meter. About 20-35 yuan. [price from the network, for reference only]

2. Wallpaper price

The price difference of the general house wall decoration wallpaper is relatively large, the difference between the imported wallpaper and the domestic wallpaper is 1.5 to 3 times, the actual number of homemade wallpapers per roll is 5.3 square meters, and the domestic made wallpaper is about 40 to 70 per roll. Yuan, but in the actual wallpaper paste, there is a reasonable loss of 10% -17% of the wallpaper, the general wallpaper construction materials and labor costs about 20-30 yuan per square meter. [price from the network, for reference only]

3. Glass material price

Generally 5mm high-quality flat glass price is about 40-58 yuan per square meter, glass processing products, the price gap is relatively large, the general price of 220-380 yuan per square meter, plus auxiliary materials and labor costs, but also According to the actual area of ​​the wall and the different methods of installation and construction, the price per square meter is generally about 70-220 yuan. [price from the network, for reference only]

4. Decorative wall decorative plate price

Usually imported siding, the price per square meter is about 100-150 yuan, the price of wooden decorative strips of decorative panels per square meter is about 160-200 yuan, the domestic price of the wall panel is the same as the import The price of a kind of product is about 40-60 yuan per square meter, plus the cost of auxiliary materials and labor cost for installation of the wallboard is about 20-350 yuan per square meter. [price from the network, for reference only]

5. Wood price

In the general house wall decoration, the price of Daxinban is determined according to different qualities. The price of the general hand-made board is about 40-68 yuan, and the price of the mechanism board is about 80-1480 yuan. The price of veneer core board depends on the material of the surface layer, and the general price is about 180-260 yuan. At present, the price of ash in the market is generally about 50-80 yuan, and the elm plywood is The price is around 88-118 yuan. [price from the network, for reference only]

Xiao Bian concludes: The above is the amount of money required for the decoration of common house walls that Xiaobian shares for everyone. Since the consumption situation of different regions varies, the price of wall decoration materials will also be different, so the above prices are for your reference only. For more information, please continue to pay attention to this website.

General house wall decoration

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