How to determine whether the damaged bearing can be used

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How to determine whether the damaged bearing can be used

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-05-25

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It is possible to determine whether the damaged bearing can be reused; it is to consider the degree of bearing damage, mechanical properties, importance, working conditions, and the time to the next inspection. However, if the following shortcomings are used, it can no longer be used; It is necessary to replace the new bearing:
(a) cracks or gaps in any of the inner ring, the outer ring, the roll body, and the cage,
(b) Cracking on any of the ferrule and the roll body,
(c) Significant jams on the raceway, ribs, and rollovers,
(d) The cage is significantly worn; perhaps the rivets are significantly loose,
(e) There is rust and injury on the raceway surface and the roll body.
(f) There are severe indentations and marks on the raceway surface and the rolling body.
(g) There is significant creep in the inner diameter surface of the inner ring or the outer diameter surface of the outer ring.
(h) The discoloration due to heat is remarkable,
(i) Bearings sealed with grease; damage to seals or dust caps is significant.

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