How to do with electronic scales

The scale of electronic scales is now more and more widely used. Our electronic scales can also be customized according to the different needs of customers. Nowadays, more and more people are operating electronic scales, and the problems encountered are also increasing. More than today, Xiao Bian gave everyone a summary of some of the more common problems and solutions. I hope everyone can read this article carefully and it will surely bring you all the benefits.

(I) The instrumentation (AC power supply) faults mainly include the following points:

1. Power supply parts such as: power supply, power supply conversion, power supply output, for the power supply part does not boot we first check the external power supply is not normal, if not normal that the power cord or power fuse may have problems, please pay attention to detection. If the external power supply is normal, check the voltage input and output of the main board power supply. If the main board power supply voltage input is abnormal, the fault may occur in the power transformer or rectifier circuit (main board and rectifier circuit are separated, and some instrument rectifier circuit is integrated. On the motherboard) If the input voltage of the motherboard power supply is normal, please check the output voltage of the motherboard power supply. If it is not normal, you can focus on detecting the rectifier, filtering, voltage stabilization, amplification and other components and related components of the motherboard power supply. Such as high-frequency bypass capacitors and other vulnerable components. If the voltage at the output of the power section of the motherboard is normal, the fault of the power section of the motherboard can be basically eliminated.

2. Motherboard display driver part Motherboard display driver part damage is caused by the instrument does not boot (boot does not show) an important reason, we have to focus on detection of each display driver chip input and output is normal, under normal circumstances the input part of the chip normal output is not normal Basically, the chip is damaged, and the short circuit or open circuit of some resistors and capacitors around the display and the driver chip is also a common cause of failure.

The short circuit in /D section is also a hidden cause of this type of fault. For such circuits, we mainly detect whether each component has a short circuit. The main point is whether the circuit of the signal input section is short-circuited.

And related components detection: Detect the CPU's input voltage is normal, the CPU's external components such as crystal oscillator, if the external component normal CPU voltage is not normal, then you can basically determine the CPU damage.

Through the above points, if you cannot solve the problem, replace the instrument or the motherboard.

(2) The main reason that the sensor part of the sensor causes the meter not to be turned on (the boot is not displayed) is mainly caused by a short circuit inside the sensor or an external signal. In this case, it is generally necessary to replace the sensor. If it is caused by the sensor signal line, it can be changed separately. Line, but to deal with the signal line interface.

(3) It is also very common that the meter does not turn on the instrument caused by part of the junction box of the terminal box (it is not displayed when the power is turned on), especially when the outdoor user and the use environment are particularly harsh. The main reason for the internal short circuit of the junction box such as the motherboard corrosion, water, etc., this type of situation is best to replace the junction box.

(4) Signal transmission line Some signal transmission lines cause the instrument not to be turned on (the boot is not displayed) is also a common cause. The main reason is that the signal line is short-circuited due to signal line squeeze, infiltration, etc. display).

The above 4 points will give you an introduction to common problems and solutions for electronic scales. If you want to learn more about the information of electronic scales, welcome to come to our company for advice. Thank you for your support. Related articles recommend: What are the maintenance methods for electronic scales?

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