How to make a hazelnut compound feed?

The use of artificially farmed insects and Other insects for feeding, although it can play a role in supplementing nutrients, but not necessarily the size of each insect or insect individual can be eaten for the scorpion. Therefore, the compound feed should be reasonably matched according to the different needs of the nutrients of each age. The artificially raised feed can be prepared by crushing the flesh or slaughtering chickens, rabbits and other scraps, as well as wheat bran, flour, and vegetables. Formulation method: the minced meat minced with a meat grinder, fried to slightly yellow scented wheat bran or flour, chopped green vegetables, and mixed in a ratio of 3:3:1 to prepare granules. In the compound feed of the medlar, an appropriate amount of calcium dihydrogen phosphate, glucose, sorbitol and the like may be added to facilitate the growth of the scorpion. FEg China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry

wire mesh fence

Welded Wire Mesh Fence is an excellent solution to the fence of private property, security, public buildings (schools, kindergartens, sports fields) as well as the security of industrial sites and office buildings. Easy to install, low cost performance and high durability.All components are made of high quality steel, which are subject to a process of hot-dip galvanized or powder coated,PVC coated making it possible to ensure decades of corrosion protection under normal conditions.

We will provide you with high intensity shock resistence Welded Wire Mesh fence. According to the
customers' request, we can provide the drawing and the Wire Mesh Fence also can be customized.

Wire Mesh Fence

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