Introduction of parking space marking construction knowledge

The advent of automobiles has greatly increased the speed of transportation, but more and more cars have also brought a lot of trouble to traffic, so it is necessary to formulate rules to determine how these cars should be driven or parked. In the process, you need to use one thing. This is the parking space. What is parking space? It is the logo that shows the location of the car. Then, what standards do the parking spaces need to meet?

During the construction, the following requirements must be met in the process: The construction site where the parking space is crossed needs to be cleaned; the coordinate position must be measured before the construction so that the operation of positioning and positioning can be performed very accurately; , and tape on both sides of it; marking the location of the parking space dash, and to ensure that the direction and the line coordinates; if the parking line has been qualitative, then the tape can be removed before, and then in the parking post two Dash and paint.

So, what are the requirements for the paint used to mark the parking spaces? Generally speaking, in the parking lot and other places, because the sanitary environment is protected, the marking marks are not easily damaged. Therefore, normal temperature paint is usually selected; if it is on the road, the environment is relatively poor, then the marking line should also bear. More afflicting, so need to choose hot melt coatings.

In fact, when choosing a paint, you only need to explain to the store the environment in which the parking space is underlined, so you can consult the appropriate information. The store will recommend the appropriate paint. No matter which kind of paint you choose, you need to construct according to the relevant regulations, so as to ensure that the car is parked and parked according to the established requirements, otherwise it will inevitably lead to more traffic accidents.

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