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Joint bearing skill function

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Because the layout and working mechanism of the joint bearing are completely different from the rolling bearing; therefore, the joint bearing has its own skill characteristics and protection requirements.
.1) Operating temperature The allowable operating temperature of the joint bearing is mainly determined by the matching data between the sliding surfaces of the bearing; in particular, the sliding surface of the plastic material of the self-smoothing joint bearing; the bearing capacity can be reduced at high temperatures. The sliding surface data of the joint bearing is paired with steel/steel; the allowable operating temperature depends on the allowable operating temperature of the smoothing agent. However, for all smooth and self-smooth joint bearings, it can be -30 °C~ +80 ° C temperature scale; and adhere to the correct ability to withstand.
.2) The inclination of the inclined joint bearing is much larger than that of the normally adjustable rolling bearing; it is suitable for use in the bearing part where the concentricity is not high; the inclination of the joint bearing varies with the size, type, sealing equipment and support of the bearing layout. Different; usually the angle of inclination of the radial joint bearing is 3 ° ~ 15 °; the angle of inclination of the angular touch joint bearing is 2 ° ~ 3 °; the inclination of the thrust joint bearing is 6 ° ~ 9 °.
.3) Cooperation Under any circumstances; the cooperation selected for the joint bearing shall not cause uneven deformation of the ferrule; the selection of the cooperation nature and grade shall be determined according to the bearing type, support mode and load size.
.4) Loading and unloading of the joint bearing shall comply with the following criteria; that is, the force applied by the installation and disassembly shall not be transmitted directly through the spherical sliding surface. Others shall be used for auxiliary loading and unloading; such as sleeves, disassemblers, etc.; The loading and unloading force exerted by the outside is directly and evenly applied to the ferrules to be cooperated; or the unloading loading and unloading is carried out by means of heating and the like.

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