March 31 meets Shanghai Building Materials Exhibition, and orders are coming as early as possible

March 31 meets Shanghai Building Materials Exhibition, and orders are coming as early as possible

From March 31st to April 3rd, China Made Network Internal Trade Station will join the Baizhuo Purchasing Network, a joint website, to participate in the 22nd China International Building Decoration Exhibition at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

If you are in attendance, please remember our booth number: W2C32

We look forward to meeting with you...

Orders are waiting for your well-known purchasing group's presentation meeting, and more than a few procurement cases will be launched. Wanted orders will arrive as early as possible.

Purchasers are waiting for your exclusive semi-open chat room and communicate with the buyers at a distance. Communication costs are minimized.

The surprise is waiting for your 4th prize draw. The prize has appearance and “connotation”. As long as you have a chance.

We are waiting for your staff to serve you wholeheartedly, match purchasing requirements, provide platform guidance, and do everything we can.

You can contact our network procurement consultants in advance to confirm whether there are any procurement cases with your company.


From March 31 to April 3, we are not alone!

Inorganic Acids

Inorganic acid, also called mineral acid, is the general name of acids in inorganic compounds. Inorganic acids, in general, are inorganic compounds that dissociate hydrogen ions.

According to the composition, inorganic acids can be divided into oxic acid, anoxic acid, complex acid, mixed acid, superacid, etc. According to the degree of dissociation, they can be divided into strong acid and weak acid, as well as monobasic acid according to the number of hydrogen ions that can be ionized in the molecule,dicarboxylic acid and polyacid. Inorganic acids are mostly used to provide hydrogen ions.


The inorganic acids can be summarized as three main aspects:

1.     Generally, salt is combined with some inorganic acids such as potassium, sodium and calcium, and some with alkaloids.

2.Among inorganic acids,fatty acids combine with glycerol to form esters or higher alcohols to form wax.


Inorganic acids Cautions:

1.     Inorganic acids are corrosive, when use them,please care not to touch, splash on the skin.

2.     Some inorganic acids can cause poisoning through respiratory stimulation, so we should pay attention to protection.

Inorganic Acids

Inorganic Acids

Inorganic Acids,Hydrofluoric Acid,Inorganic Phosphoric Acid,Inorganic Salt Oxalic Acid

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