Mine rescue ground simulation system training specification

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1. When using training equipment, operation and training personnel must be familiar with and observe training and operating procedures.

2. Personnel trained in training system should have professional knowledge of electromechanics and be allowed to operate this training system after being trained in the technical training of the training system to be familiar with the functions and functions of each electromechanical device, and to master operating procedures and eliminate general electromechanical faults. Training system equipment.

3. The duties of the staff are: to guide and monitor training operations, to control and operate the training equipment and to adjust the training conditions, to be responsible for the daily maintenance and maintenance of the entire training equipment, and to ensure that all parts are in good working condition.

4. The mine ambulance team should use the team as a unit to conduct ground simulation system training regularly. Each training must use an oxygen breathing apparatus and carry the necessary rescue equipment.

5. The supervisory staff of the control room is staffed by the staff and responsible for the training personnel. All members of the participating training team must obey the command of the control room personnel and carry out item-by-item training in an orderly manner in strict accordance with training subjects, procedures, and instructions issued by the control room.

6. The main power switch and key key switch on the console must be turned on according to the order of operation. Then observe the fault light indicating inspection system and check all the electromechanical equipment to determine whether the corresponding function key action is sensitive and reliable so as to eliminate hidden faults in advance.

7. Adjust the brightness and contrast of each monitor image so as to clearly reflect the training scene; adjust the sound of the intercom system, eliminate distortion of intercom speech, and effectively transfer the intercom content.

8. Preparation before training

(1) According to the training requirements, set the number of pulls of the physical force tester; set the height of the climbing ladder to climb and the crawling speed; adjust the slope of the flat machine;
(2) According to the requirements of the smoker's technical requirements, add the smoke agent solution so that the pressure in the spray gas CO2 cylinder reaches 4-8 MPa, and perform preheating and heating;
(3) Close the sealed doors in the high-temperature room, and turn on the heating device for heating in the high-temperature room to meet the temperature required by the training requirements;
(4) Correctly adjust the inspection device for the inclined and vertical lanes to take over the training facilities. The gas (air) in the cylinders for airtightness is maintained at 20 to 25 MPa.

9. After the main power switch is turned on for 15 seconds, turn on the key switch, and then stop for 15 seconds. After the current and voltage are stable, other monitoring system keys can be operated. The screen monitoring system, recording and playback system, and part of the lighting system should be opened one after another. Other systems can be started or stopped at any time depending on the training progress.

10. Specific requirements for operation: Press the key to start/stop, only one function key can be set at a time (2 or more function keys cannot be set at the same time); 5 seconds operation is required for the heating key, and the key action should be light. Steady and accurate; In the event of an accident in the training of the team members, emergency red button should be operated to open the fan and lighting system, and notify the training personnel to quickly withdraw to safety zone.

11. During operation, you must pay close attention to the fault indicator on the console. If this light does not show, all the functions of the opening should be operated in the reverse order of operation, and then return to the stop state in order to eliminate the fault as soon as possible; if the fault cannot be eliminated at that time, the training should be stopped and the training equipment shall be overhauled by the full-time engineering technicians. .

12. When carrying out tank-type round-trip training, the training personnel should be strictly required to complete the specified number of round trips within the prescribed time.

13. When performing the dynamometer training, when the training indicator (green light) is allowed to be displayed, the participating players should grip the joystick with both hands. The distance between the two arms is equivalent to the shoulder width, and the pull hammer is pulled by the rope and the sheave. Each time the pulling force should be uniform, until the indicator light (white light) is displayed, then slowly pull the hammer. This reciprocates until the preset number of pulls is completed. Do not pull or pull the hammer.

14. In the training of the cycling ladder, after seeing the green light indicating the training, the participating players should step on the ladder and keep the eyes and the indicator light level. They should climb 1 step at a time until the number of meters climbed is reached. . It is forbidden for anyone to touch the automatic locking protection device at the lower part of the circulating ladder.

15. When the tablet machine is trained, the staff can be switched on after the trainee stands on the tablet, and the speed and mileage are controlled according to the training requirements.

16. When carrying out the training for inclined vertical lanes, the participating teams shall be divided into 3 groups and the pipelines for disassembly and assembly shall be trained within the prescribed time. After the training is completed, the airtightness of the takeover tube is checked by the staff using an inspection device.

17. After all the above training is completed, the participating team enters the standby room (corresponding to the downhole base at the time of the accident), closes the sealed door, and conducts re-inspection of the equipment used and carried by it to make preparations for entering training in the high-temperature room.

18. When receiving the instruction to enter the high-greenhouse training, the participating team should immediately enter the high-temperature room for high-temperature smoke training. In the limited space of smoke snobbery, noise sound, high-temperature heat injection, and light simulation effects, the participating team members performed low lanes, climb narrow lanes, over-simulated dark wells, and passed high-temperature hot zones and exchanged devices in the lanes of the simulation training network. Hard training. Participating team members must not touch the grill beside the heating device to avoid burns.

19. After each training session, the exhaust system in the high-temperature room should be started first to cool and discharge residual smoke. Then the entire training system is overhauled to eliminate hidden troubles and make the training equipments in a good working condition. It is also necessary to eliminate the dust on the equipment, clean the hygiene of the rooms, and make full preparations for the next training.

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