Multi-functional sound and light alarm installation considerations analysis

Sound and light alarm (also called sound and light alarm) is an alarm signal device that is used in hazardous places to send warning signals to people through sound and various lights. The explosion-proof sound and light alarm is suitable for installation in explosive gas environments containing IIC grade T6 temperature groups. It can also be used in explosion-proof locations in areas 1 and 2 where explosion protection is required in petroleum and chemical industries. It can also be used outdoors and outdoors.

Precautions for the installation of sound and light alarms (1) The alarm probe is mainly a detection element that contacts the combustion gas sensor. The platinum wire coil is coated with alumina and a binder to form a sphere. The outer surface is accompanied by platinum, palladium and other rare metals. Therefore, be careful when installing to avoid damaging the probe. Sound and light alarm at least sound equipment, no probe (2) The installation height of the alarm should generally be more than 180cm, so that maintenance personnel for routine maintenance.

(3) The alarm is a safety instrument, sound and light display function, and it should be installed in the place where the staff can easily see and hear, so as to eliminate the hidden trouble in time.

(4) There must be no strong electromagnetic fields (such as high-power motors and transformers) that affect the operation of the instrument around the alarm.

(5) The density of the gas to be measured is different, and the installation position of the indoor probe should also be different. When the measured gas density is less than the air density, the probe should be installed 30cm away from the roof and downward; otherwise, the probe should be installed 30cm away from the ground and upward.
Multi-functional sound and light alarm

GR-S100GR-S100 Multifunctional Sound and Light Alarm Features:

25W alarm sound - loud voice, can be customized according to user requirements;

Weatherproof circuit process design - waterproof, dustproof, reliable quality;

Lights, siren integration - easy to install and powerful

AC 220V triggering alarm - simple operation, long service life;

Up to 8 alarm sounds can be selected by the user, and other special voice prompts can be customized.

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