Natural diamond moral controversy triggered by a "spirit chicken soup"

Abstract Recently, one called "Crystal Heart Diamond Tears" Chicken Soup text widespread in micro-channel circle of friends, that is probably the world's leading content company suddenly announced that De Beers in the diamond mining town of Kimberley in the team across the board to withdraw, ending the The company's 134-year diamond mining...
Recently, there is a chicken soup called "Crystal Heart Diamond Tears" widely spread in the WeChat circle of friends. The content is probably that the world-famous De Beers Company suddenly announced that the diamond mining team stationed in Kimberley Town has been withdrawn from the whole line, ending the company. The history of diamond mining for 134 years, and the reason behind this is only because the daughter of the president of De Beers believes that natural diamonds are the tears of nature caused by pain, so this "overbearing president" is in front of her daughter's kindness. Repentance, and finally decided not to hurt the world and nature, made the decision to stop mining natural diamonds.

Many people said that after reading this news, they were as warm and touching as the chicken soup. However, according to the investigation and evidence collection by China's superhard materials network, it was really just a fake news. But Xiao Bian is very confused, why is this fake news widely spread in the circle of friends? Is this behind the scenes: Some parts of this story really touched the depths of everyone who forwarded it for it?

Before exploring the reasons behind this strange phenomenon, let's restore the real situation of the matter.

As early as August 1, 2005, the global natural diamond giant De Beers issued a formal notice to employees that the company will close the 134-year-old Kimberley diamond mine and stop the mine's underground diamond mining business. The reason for the closure was because the excavation of natural diamonds caused great damage to the local natural environment, and as the depth of excavation increased, the excavated diamonds became smaller and smaller, so De Beers decided to stop mining.

And by 2015, as the price of diamonds fell and market demand fell, De Beers even announced on May 22 that it would completely sell the Kimberley diamond mine.

In addition, it must be pointed out that about one-fourth of the natural diamonds circulating in the world market are sold at high prices to finance illegal armed conflicts and national wars. In some areas, even diamonds are directly exchanged for weapons of mass destruction. Illegal transactions; the bloodyness of such transactions far exceeds the environmental problems of natural diamonds and the problem of child labor for miners. It can be seen that in today's increasingly advanced human civilization, natural diamonds are no longer a symbol of "beauty", and the imprint of "destruction", "bloody" and "killing" behind it is slowly emerging.

However, in order to continue to seize the market, the production and sales of natural diamonds still play a romantic card. They believe that only natural diamonds buried in the underground for more than 10 billion years can afford the beautiful meanings that people give to diamonds. The time-precipitated natural diamonds carry a unique natural and human story that is unmatched by the diamonds produced in the laboratory.

All of this seems to make natural diamonds in an extremely embarrassing position.

In the end, the market and consumers are gradually making better choices with reason, that is - synthetic diamonds. Synthetic synthetic diamonds have physical properties and chemical composition that are no different from natural diamonds dug underground. According to an industry research report released by Bloomberg, the sales of synthetic diamonds in the global $80 billion in diamond sales in 2014 accounted for only a small portion (in 2014, the production of synthetic diamonds was about 360,000 carats, while the output of natural diamonds reached 1.46. Billion carats). However, sales of synthetic diamonds have been on the rise. More importantly, according to foreign media survey results, for modern young consumers, they are more inclined to choose more cost-effective synthetic diamonds. It is said that Wal-Mart and Warren Buffett's Herzberg Diamonds have begun to store synthetic diamonds.

Environmentally friendly, unethical controversial 'pure' diamonds are increasingly accepted by modern consumers; this is also a key point in the development of synthetic diamonds. After all, we may all live in a deep heart, a little girl who does not want the world and nature to cry.

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